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American social media sensation Madeline Phillips rose to fame by streaming live videos on YouNow. She has a few channels on YouTube where she broadcasts a range of videos and is just as well-known there. While she has more than 120,000 subscribers to her main YouTube channel, “ayexmadeline,” she also co-founded a second channel with her boyfriend Stephen, which has more than 90,000 subscribers. On both channels, she publishes daily vlogs, how-to videos for makeup and hairstyles, Q&A videos, and much more. Instagram and Twitter are two additional social media channels where Madeline is active. She has worked with her famous for his Vine videos brother Drew. They have both co-starred in a number of prank and challenge videos. Madeline has also ventured into acting and has made brief appearances in a few television programs.

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Fame on social media

Madeline never intended to use social media as her primary source of income. But when she was in the eighth grade, she learned that one of her seniors had become incredibly well-known by uploading pictures and videos to Instagram. Madeline was inspired by her fame and decided to try her luck on social media. As a result, she opened an Instagram account and began sharing her photos there.

She started amassing a large following as a result of her adorable and lovely photographs. After some time, she also began to post several tutorial films on cooking, cooking techniques, cooking, makeup, and hairstyles. Her basic hair bow-creating tutorial video quickly gained a lot of traction. Then, Madeline’s followers asked her to sign up for YouTube so she could start uploading complete videos on style and beauty.

On August 2, 2012, she started a YouTube channel and uploaded a few videos. She didn’t want to use YouTube as a career, though. When her classmates began to badger her about her “YouTube career,” she even deleted a few of her videos.

At the same time, her brother Drew was becoming more well-known on the live-streaming platform YouNow. Madeline was inspired by her brother’s films and made the decision to follow suit. Her live streaming initially failed to draw in a sizable audience. She seldom talked about herself and spent most of her time talking about her brother, which was one of the main causes of the low viewership. Additionally, she did not consistently stream her videos.

She eventually understood her error and began to make amends. She then began to stream a variety of videos on her channel, which helped her build a sizable fan base. She then started daily video streaming and even broadcast a 24-hour video live. She was gradually adding diversity to her content. She once streamed a few videos after dressing as a male, for instance, and her admirers adored it.

After Madeline went to her first video convention in 2015, things improved. She made several friends at the convention who shared her interests, which improved her understanding of the community and greatly impacted her YouNow career. Currently, Madeline is one of the most well-liked female broadcasters, with more than 250,000 fans on YouNow.

Madeline and her brother both went on the “Press Play Tour.” She traveled to several locations while on the tour, which increased the number of people who watched her channel. Madeline has already entered the acting world. She played Samantha in the 2012 season of the television show “Is Anyone Listening.”

Individual Life of Madeline Phillips

In Granbury, Texas, Madeline Phillips was born on March 4, 1998. Drew, her twin brother, is a well-known figure on YouNow. Madeline was dating Nick Bean, another YouNow celebrity. In all of her broadcasts, she used to mention him frequently. They quickly rose to fame as a couple and earned the moniker “Nadeline” from their admirers. They split up a few months later after exchanging derogatory remarks about one another.

Madeline recently started seeing Stephen, a man she met at a restaurant. At one time, Stephen had a part-time job there. As soon as she saw him, she liked him. She thought he was cute and was really taken by his cool voice. They became closer online thanks to a mutual buddy named Jeremy, and they soon began dating. Currently, they have a YouTube channel where they share films about their romance.

Madeline adores chocolate chip cookie dough served with ice cream and goes absolutely crazy when skittles are added. Madeline would like to eventually settle down in Hawaii if given the chance.

Madeline Phillips’s Net Worth

Madeline is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Our research found that Madeline Phillips has a net worth of $5 million from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.