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American social media personality Mady Vivian. She is well known for being “The Glitter Queen” on “” (now “Tik Tok”) because she uses glitter to produce spectacular effects in her videos. She has produced some stunning videos as a result of her passion for filming and editing. On her ‘YouTube’ channel, Mady posts her TikTok instructions. She demonstrates how to produce amazing effects in these videos. Additionally, the channel has DIY projects, hauls, and other amusing material like cosmetic lessons. The most watched video segments on the channel, after TikTok instructional, are tag videos and Q&A videos. In her videos, Mady has also included her boyfriend and siblings.

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Fame on social media

Mady has always been passionate about videography and editing. She and her friends produced a news program for “Wildcat TV” in the seventh grade. Mady enjoyed every step of the video editing. She then became interested in filmmaking and editing as a result. To learn more about the craft, she frequently viewed ‘YouTube’ lessons on filming and editing. By using her “YouTube” channel, Mady entered the world of social media. ‘Mady Vivian,’ a combination of her first and middle names, is the name of the channel. The channel features trip journals, hauls, challenges, DIY projects, Q&A videos, tag videos, and cosmetic tips. Her ‘TikTok’ tutorial videos are the most watched on the channel. She once was browsing her app store when she came across the app “TikTok.”

After some time, she removed the app and later downloaded it once more. Today, Mady is a well-liked “muser” who goes by the name “The Glitter Queen.” In the ‘TikTok’ videos, she uses glitter to create spectacular effects. To achieve the looks, she occasionally utilizes colored powder and baby powder. She currently has more than 500k fans on her TikTok account. Mady publishes ‘TikTok’ instructions on her ‘YouTube’ channel, where she offers advice on how to make great ‘TikTok’ videos with special effects. She also publishes videos starring her brothers and her boyfriend. There are currently 313 thousand subscribers to the channel.

Additionally, Mady updates her ‘Instagram’ page, where she has a little over 31,000 followers, with content. One day, she wants to start her own clothing business.

Individual Life of Mady Vivian

Mady was born in Florida, USA, on March 28, 2001. She was raised among her three siblings. Mady is dating a fellow social media star by the name of “humbie.”

Mady received a scholarship for a “Broadway” dance while still in school. Lyrical, jazz, and hip-hop are her three favorite dance genres. She also likes acting and photography. Mady enjoys drinking chocolate milk, toast, lemonade, and macaroni & cheese. Spaghetti irritates her.

Mady loves ‘Disney’ french fries and is a big devotee. She adores Disney films, and her favorite is “Tangled.” Mady likes to watch Netflix programs. ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ are two of her favorite shows. The television programs “High School Musical” and “Dora the Explorer” are her all-time favorites.

Mady can’t stand folks who are unnecessarily emotional. She despises it when people make fun of the things she enjoys.

Estimated Net Worth of Mady Vivian

The estimated net worth of Mady Vivian is around $1 million.