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Mafer Cantu is a well-known nail artist from Mexico who is recognized for making stunning and beautiful DIY, beauty, and craft videos on her YouTube account HelloMaphie. ‘HellomaphieMX’ is the name of a second channel she maintains for Mexican viewers. Cantu, who is well known for her amazing nail art abilities, is a very gifted artist and craftsperson. She has extensive understanding in the creative industries and is constantly prepared to astound others with her original works. The Mexican beauty has millions of followers across both of her YouTube channels at this time. Additionally, she is admired by countless Instagram users. Mafer Cantu is a sweet and endearing woman with a highly nice disposition. She is stunning and highly intelligent. She keeps posting her nail and craft videos to the social media site in an effort to realize her dream of becoming one of the top nail artists on YouTube.

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Become a Star

On December 5, 2009, Mafer Cantu introduced the HelloMaphie YouTube channel. She has since posted some of the most inventive DIYs, slime recipes, beauty tips, “how to” films, and other art and craft-related stuff. She has released numerous nail art videos up to this point. She offers everything related to beautifying your nails on her channel, from lovely nail art tutorials to wacky nail hacks. The YouTuber’s channel features a number of excellent and amusing DIY art and craft videos.

‘DIY Highlighters Out of Soap,’ ‘DIY Lip Markers – Weird School Supplies Life Hack,’ and ‘DIY Flower Jelly Lipstick Soap’ are a few of the well-liked DIY videos you can discover on her channel. The second video illustrates how to manufacture DIY lip markers, while the first shows how to generate highlights from soap. How to make a flower jelly lipstick soap is demonstrated in the third video, which has received over 12 million views. All of these films are quite crafty and have a lot to teach fans of art and crafts. Regarding HelloMaphie’s popularity, as of August 2018, it had amassed more than 3.2 million subscribers. When we talk about the total amount of views the channel has accumulated, it is higher than 320 million.

Additionally, Mafer Cantu introduced a special channel for Mexican viewers. On April 2, 2013, the ‘HellomaphieMX’ YouTube channel debuted. It has incredible art and craft movies, just like Hellomaphie. This YouTube channel is hugely successful with over 7.9 million followers and over 777 million views.

Individual Life of Mafer Cantu

Mafer Cantu was born in Mexico on August 15, 1988. Her sister Molly is well-known on Instagram under the handle mollyxwonderland. The YouTuber hasn’t yet revealed any information about her upbringing, parents, or romantic relationships. Through her other social networking pages, her admirers can learn more about her personal life.

Net Worth of Mafer Cantu

The estimated net worth of Mafer Cantu is around $1 million.