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The famous footballer Mohamed Salah, commonly referred to as the “Egyptian Messi,” is married to Magi Salah. In the Egyptian town of Nagrig, they were wed in 2013. Salah and Magi originally met while they were both pretty young. The entire community as well as other famous Egyptians were present at the wedding. Makka Mohamed, their daughter, was conceived in 2014. The Muslim holy city of Mecca inspired the naming of Makka. Magi presently resides in London with her family. She avoids the spotlight most of the time, although Salah supporters frequently spot her there.

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Home Life of Magi Salah

In Egypt, Maji Mohammed Sadiq was given the name Magi. Magi was raised in Egypt’s Gharbia Governorate in the city of Basyoun. She studies biotechnology.

Salah was the first person Magi ever met. They both went to the Basyoun village school. Over time, their bond grew stronger. Magi is a very private person. She seldom ever appears in public, and little is known about her personal or educational backgrounds.

In the Egyptian city of Nagrig, Magi wed Salah on December 17, 2013. Even though the wedding was traditional, it was undoubtedly a magnificent event. The wedding was open to the Nagrig community as a whole. Each Ramadan, Salah returns to his hometown. He also gives back to the people in his hometown. He therefore desired that everyone in his hamlet take part on his special day. The guest list included a number of well-known celebrities, including Egyptian musician and actor Hamada Hilal. At the wedding, performances by Sa’ad Al Sughayar and Albasit Hamouda were heard. In her white wedding dress, Magi was stunning. The Nagrig people blessed the pair and gave them practical presents to assist them start their new life together in accordance with traditional Nagrig rituals.

After being married, Magi and Salah relocated to Merseyside, a metropolitan county in North West England. Magi gave birth to Makka, a stunning baby girl, in 2014. She was born in London’s “Westminster Hospital.” The Muslim holy city of Mecca inspired the naming of Makka. Since gambling is prohibited in Islam, Magi and Salah decided to change the way her name was spelled to prevent association with the “Mecca Casino.”
Salah’s wife Magi has been supportive throughout his professional life. Despite her seldom public appearances, she is frequently seen in the stands rooting for her husband when he plays. She is a devout follower of Islam and wears the “hijab” (veil).

Estimated Net Worth of Magi Salah

The estimated net worth of Magi Salah is around $1 million.