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Malik Yoba is an American actor, writer, and singer who made his cinematic debut in 1993 with ‘Cool Runnings’ and rose to prominence in the popular American police drama series ‘New York Undercover,’ in which he co-starred with American actor Michael DeLorenzo as NYPD Detective J.C. Williams. His acting career includes roles in films such as ‘Cop Land,’ ‘Ride,’ ‘Criminal,’ and others, in which he has worked alongside some of the top performers in the industry. In 2000, he also portrayed the role of Corey Granville in Michael S. Chernuchin’s American drama series ‘Bull.’ In 2015, he appeared in the television shows ‘Empire’ and ‘Blue Bloods,’ in which he played detective Darryl Reid. His most recent film roles are Gerald Jackson in ‘Lucky Girl,’ and Michael Hurst’s American sci-fi picture ‘Paradox,’ which he wrote and directed.

A Career in Film

Malik Yoba began his acting career in 1993 with the film ‘Cool Runnings,’ in which he played Yul Brenner. He next starred in the 1995 film ‘Smoke,’ in which he played ‘The Creeper,’ and in 1997 in the film ‘Cop Land,’ in which he portrayed Detective Carson. With co-stars Fredro Starr and Melissa De Sousa, he received his big break in the American comedy picture ‘Ride’ (1998).

He appeared in films such as ‘Personals’ (1999), ‘Harlem Aria’ (1999), ‘His Woman, His Wife’ (2000), and ‘Dreaming in Black and White’ from 1999 to 2003. (2002). He portrayed Frank Hill in the 2004 film ‘Criminal,’ which was based on the Argentinian film ‘Nine Queens,’ directed by Gregory Jacobs. He starred as Mr. Will Drucker, a teacher, in the American drama film ‘Kids in America’ in 2005.

In the films ‘They’re Just My Friends’ (2006) and ‘Rockaway’ (2007), he portrayed Pat Black Sr. and Case, respectively (2007). After that, he appeared in the American drama comedy films “Why did I get married?” (2007) and “Feel the Noise” (2007). In 2010, he starred alongside Janet Jackson and Tyler Perry in the award-nominated comedic drama film ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?’ He appeared in films such as ‘Allegiance’ (2012), ‘The Assault’ (2014), and ‘Brotherly Love’ between 2012 and 2015. (2015). In 2016, he featured in the films ‘Lucky Girl’ and ‘Paradox,’ both of which were released in the United States.

A Career in Television

When Malik Yoba earned his first part as Fisher in the American comedy ‘Where I Live,’ he began his television career alongside his film career (1993). After that, he was cast in an episode of the police drama series ‘Law &Order’ (1994), in which he portrayed the part of ‘Pat Williams.’ In the American police thriller ‘New York Undercover,’ he played Detective Julius Williams (1994-99). In the American drama series ‘Bull,’ based on Wall Street bankers, he co-starred with Stanley Tucci, Andread Roth, and Alicia Coppola.

He was also cast in ‘The Twilight Zone,’ a science fiction drama series (2003). In the years that followed, he appeared in programs such as “Girlfriends” (2003-2007), “Thief” (2006), “Raines” (2007), “CSI: Miami” (2008), “Defying Gravity” (2009), and “Nikita” (2011). He had a recurring part as a former FBI agent in the American science fiction drama series ‘Alphas’ (2011-2012), opposite David Stratharin, Ryan Cartwright, and others.

In 2013, he was cast in the TV movie ‘Betty & Coretta,’ in which he played the late Martin Luther King, Jr. In the science fiction television series ‘Revolution,’ Malik Yoba played Jim Hudson on a regular basis (2013). In 2014, he was cast in the British drama thriller ‘Turks & Caicos,’ in which he played Jim Carroll, a detective. His most recent television drama series, ‘Designated Survivor’ (2016-17), starred Kiefer Sutherland and was a political drama. Jason Atwood, the FBI’s Deputy Director, was his character.

Honors and Awards

Malik Yoba has been nominated for the ‘Image Awards’ four times and has won three times for his role in ‘Undercover’ in 1996, 1997, and 1998. In 2016, he was awarded the ‘American Black Film Festival’ prize for ‘Daddy Don’t Go.’ He was nominated for a NAMIC Vision Award for outstanding performance in the film “Bad Dad Rehab” in 2017. (2016).

Scandals & Controversies

In an interview in 2015, Malik Yoba mistakenly implied that his Empire co-star Jussie Smollett was gay. Smollett had kept his personal life very quiet and had revealed nothing about his sexual orientation before making his comment, which sparked outrage. As a result, Yoba was accused of firing Smollett.

Personal Experiences of Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba was born Abdul-Malik Kashie “Malik” Yoba in the Bronx, New York City, on September 17, 1967, to Abdullah Yoba and Mahmoudah Young. A. Rahman Yoba is his brother. He was interested in performing since he was a child and participated in high school theater productions. He studied acting at the HB Studio in New York with Cynthia Belgrave and is a member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

He was once married to actress and model Trisha Mann, but the pair split owing to their hectic schedules. This marriage resulted in the birth of two children for the couple. Malik Yoba married actress and producer Cat Wilson on December 21, 2003.

Estimated Net Worth

Malik Yoba has a net worth of $4 million dollars as an American film and television actor. He is most known for his appearances in the television series “New York Undercover” and the science fiction series “Alphas.” He’s well recognized for his performance in the film “Cool Runnings.” “Smoke,” “Blue in the Face,” “Cop Land,” “Soul Food,” “Criminal,” “Why Did I Get Married?” and “Why Did I Get Married Too?” are among his other cinematic appearances. He has appeared in episodes of “Law & Order,” “Trinity,” “Girlfriends,” “Arrested Development,” “Raines,” “CSI: Miami,” “Defying Gravity,” “Justified,” “Nikita,” “Person of Interest,” and “Revolution” as a guest star, co-star, or recurring character.