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Mama Rug is a well-known YouTube personality who is a member of a YouTuber family. Her true name is Sana Awadis, and she is the wife of YouTube personality Papa Rug, Ron Awadis. Brandon and Brian, her two kids, are also well-known YouTubers. Mama Rug has a massive fan base, and they appreciate her for being a loving and considerate mother. Some of her videos also address the psychological effects that bullying has on youngsters. Mama Rug has also delighted her fans by sharing videos of insane pranks. Within thirty-six hours of launching her YouTube channel, she was able to attract more than one hundred thousand subscribers. However, she is the least active YouTuber in her family in terms of video creation and uploading. She prefers assisting her sons and husband with video production to being in front of the camera.

Her YouTube History

Mama Rug launched her YouTube channel in 2017 as “Mama Rug & Papa Rug.” In contrast, Papa Rug launched his own YouTube channel around the same time. She and her grandfather were the final family members to join YouTube.

On her birthday, after being pushed by her sons to join YouTube, Mama Rug did just that. Just after launching her YouTube channel, she learned through her sons that they had been bullied. Then, she decided to discuss bullying and its consequences on children.

In her films, she criticized bullying since she believed it to be detrimental to the victims’ self-esteem. Mama Rug discussed her early experiences with bullying and how it damaged her confidence, as well as the steps she took to overcome it. When people are envious of another person’s success and popularity, they occasionally engage in bullying, which she condemned in the strongest possible terms.

In one of her videos, she expressed concern for her son Brian, whose car had been wrecked and stoned by haters. Within three months of joining YouTube, her high number of subscribers was largely influenced by the number of views she received.

Some critics also questioned her and her accomplishment, claiming that many of her subscribers were Brian’s admirers and that she would not have acquired so many subscribers without him. But Mama Rug never felt terrible about it and replied with grace to all her enemies that she is more than pleased to have her son to thank for her success.

Many admired her YouTube conduct, which resulted in an increase in her number of subscribers. Mama Rug later uploaded a video in which she thanked her supporters for their overwhelming display of appreciation.

In one of her videos, Mama Rug discussed her family’s impending move to their new residence. They purchased a new residence in San Diego, and her family was occupied with moving. Consequently, Mama Rug was unable to upload any movies throughout that time period.

After settling into her new residence, Mama Rug posted a video about her moving adventure. She also admitted that she preferred her previous residence to her current one.

Then, Mama Rug began posting insane and hilarious prank films. Brian persuaded her to upload these movies, following which she did so. She was amused by the prank he perpetrated on her and subsequently decided to upload her own. She also released several cringe-worthy videos, such as her making the tallest and largest pizza and consuming incredibly hot cuisine.

Mama Rug is an excellent cook and has shared a number of her recipes on film. Her husband and boys have appeared in some of her videos, either to assist her in the kitchen or to critique her food, which, according to them, is frequently fantastic.

Mama Rug’s deep affection for her family is clear in the majority of her movies. She has always voiced her affections for her devoted husband, and she frequently expresses her delight in parenting Brandon and Brian.

In one of the videos she shared on the occasion of her 24th wedding anniversary, she discussed her amazing journey with Ron. She conveyed her gratitude for someone like Ron, who is a wonderful spouse and father.

Personal and Family Aspects

Mama Rug was born and raised in Iraq on January 12, 1964. Following her 1987 marriage to Ron Awadis, she moved to San Diego, United States. Ron’s older brother is married to her sister. Mama Rug likes both coffee and Mexican cuisine.

Estimated Net Worth

Mama is one of the wealthiest and most popular YouTube celebrities. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Mama Rug has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.