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English YouTuber Manny Brown is well-known for his posts on his channel, “Manny,” featuring gameplay footage of FIFA 17. In addition, he runs the “MannyPlaysHD” channel on YouTube, where he uploads HD video games. He is an excellent player, and his HD gaming recordings are fascinating to watch! Brown is also an extremely skilled football player who frequently uploads footage of himself and his buddies playing the game in real life. The gamer is a huge Liverpool FC supporter and has incredible presentation abilities. Listening to his live commentary is a thrilling experience! He is the brother of Tobi Lerone, a well-known FIFA player. When it comes to his love of video games and football, Manny looks up to Tobi. It’s absolutely worth following the talented and passionate football player on social media, especially YouTube.

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Manny Brown Ascent to Fame

On July 12, 2013, Manny Brown debuted his YouTube channel, “Manny.” “My FIFA Luck” was his debut FIFA video. It was followed by a gameplay video called “FIFA 13 UT My First Squad Builder Ft 92 Rated Player” that showed off his squad buildup. More gameplay videos of FIFA came soon after. After some time, Brown started sharing videos of himself playing football in real life.

The gamer uploaded the video “Pieee Boyy!!!” | Pie Face FIFA with Simon on August 13, 2015. This was the first video he ever had one million views for. The gamer and one of his friends worked together to play a FIFA video game duel in this video. Brown released a video in November of that year titled “Chip Challenge W/ Simon and Tobi.” In this video, the football player, together with his brother and a buddy, participated in a real-life football challenge. With around 4 million views as of right now, this gameplay video is something that any football fan should see! Inspired by the enthusiastic feedback from his audience, Manny kept up the good work, releasing more thrilling videos. His channel developed quickly over time. As of November 2018, it had amassed over 1.5 million subscribers.

Additionally, Manny Brown runs a second channel named “MannyPlaysHD.” The channel was established on April 30, 2015, and it features videos of many high definition games. This channel currently has thousands of subscribers, making it rather popular.

Individual Life

On June 10, 1996, Manny Brown was born in England. Tobi Lerone is the name of his brother. Another well-known FIFA player is Tobi, who streams live gaming on Twitch and uploads videos to his YouTube channel, TBJZL. He now has over 3 million subscribers to his channel. In addition, Lerone plays video games versus pals on his second channel, EDITinGAMING.

In an April 2017 challenge video, Manny included professional soccer player Christian Fuchs and YouTuber Mark Upson. The films where he is seen playing football with his friends in real life have received the most views.

Net worth of Manny Brown

The estimated net worth of Manny Brown is about $1 million.