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Tacoma, Washington

Marcel Cunningham, a YouTube gamer and YouTuber better known by his channel name BasicallyIDoWrk, has made significant contributions to the platform’s gameplay videos. His channel contains more than 440 videos, and he has over 2.7 million subscribers. He uploads footage of various games with the help of his gaming group and friends. His inspiration came to him in 2012, and since then, his fan base has expanded. Marcel like his new job because it allows him to work from home while still playing video games. He is witty and direct; females adore him for his wit, while boys are envious of his gaming prowess and are impressed by his talent. He gained a significant fan base on other social media sites after rising to fame on YouTube; he now has over 110K followers on Instagram and over 779K followers on Twitter. He enjoys communicating and amusing his followers.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

When Marcel was younger, he enjoyed playing video games and entertaining others. Later, he aspired to become a comedian. But after finishing school, he started working full-time producing and selling balloon animals at birthday parties and outside restaurants. He was adept at it because he excelled at art in school. He started his YouTube channel one lovely day in 2011, but he didn’t post a video there until 2012. He and his buddies played a lot of video games, and since he was so excellent at them, he believed he could upload them to YouTube. He became a YouTube gamer in this way. He went from 300 to 1000 subscribers in the space of just two weeks thanks to a few excellent videos. He was inspired by this leap to devote his full time to YouTube. Today, he has millions of subscribers and his own clothes and fashion company with the moniker “wrk.”

Why Marcel Is So Special?

Although there are many video game players and they frequently post videos, Marcel Cunningham has distinguished himself from them by employing humor and knowledge. Girls swoon over Marcel because he is young and attractive. He enjoys tours and meeting his fans, and he is direct and amiable. His “Marcel on Monday” vlogs helped him establish a connection with his followers, and soon his subscriber count grew astronomically. He is modest and credits his gaming buddies and subscribers for all of his achievements. Given that he has developed his own clothing line with his logo and game plays written on them, he certainly possesses the necessary skills to succeed as an entrepreneur as well. According to his pals, he is always there for them in both good and terrible situations. He is unquestionably the ideal combination of cute and kind as a result.

Past Fame of Marcel Cunningham

Marcel loved the “Power Rangers” so much as a child that he wanted to be one when he grew up. He cherished playing video games and watching cartoons. Like many boys, he participated in a variety of sports. He also enjoys trying new foods, however, he detests fast food, poultry, broccoli, and cabbage. He tries preparing pizza with his girlfriend in one of his films. Making it is a lot of fun for him, and he can cook well too! When asked if he enjoys Disney films, he responded that his most recent favorite is “Moana.”

Behind The Scenes

He was raised in Washington where he was born. He doesn’t provide much information about his family or history since he doesn’t think it’s important to discuss his private life. He did, however, mention that his father owned 7-8 ice cream carts and ran an ice cream shop. He can still clearly recall helping his father with one of them, pushing the cart to the water fountain, and making $100 per day while on vacation. Marcel has never mentioned having siblings, hence it is likely that he is his parents’ only child. He does have respect for his father and takes satisfaction in the work he has accomplished in the past because it has shaped who he is today. On his right hand, he also has a balloon tattoo that serves as a reminder of his trip. With Simone, his long-distance lover, he relocated to Los Angeles. The two have been dating for a considerable amount of time. He used to spend extended periods of time with her by traveling from America to Europe. Their relationship is robust and he is madly in love with her.

Marcel Cunningham’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Marcel. According to our research, Marcel Cunningham has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.


Making animal balloons for restaurants and birthday celebrations was Marcel’s full-time occupation before starting his YouTube channel.