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Marnie Simpson is an English reality television star who rose to prominence after appearing on MTV’s popular reality show “Geordie Shore.” The show follows a group of young men and women who live a happy and wild lifestyle in Newcastle upon Tyne, a riverside city with a vibrant nightlife. The show is a British adaptation of the popular American reality show ‘Jersey Shore,’ which has a global audience. Because of her attractive features and lifestyle, the stunning brunette is a crucial figure in the play. Despite joining the show in the middle of its run, she rapidly became one of the most beloved characters. Aside from Geordie Shore, Marnie has a slew of additional endorsements under her belt, as well as appearances on other reality shows. Marnie has been in the tabloids since she first entered show business, from extremely public hookups to explosive ‘he said, she said’ with ex-boyfriends. Marnie isn’t just a favorite of the tabloids and paparazzi; she’s also a fan of the public, with over 2.5 million Instagram followers looking for photos in her million sexy avatar.

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Career of Marnie Simpson

Marnie was raised in a little hamlet outside Newcastle before relocating to the metropolis after finishing high school. In 2012, she competed in beauty pageants and was crowned Miss Newcastle.

Before entering the reality show in its seventh season in 2013, she worked as a waitress and was the face of the health supplement company Forza. She took over for her cousin, Sophie Kasaei, on the show and portrayed a wild yet kind young woman who can be rather catty when she’s feeling particularly vengeful. Nonetheless, she has always been devoted to those she loves. Her character’s peculiarity has made her the sweetheart of the audience. She has been a vital element of the show since its inception and continues to this day in its 14th season.

Her other television performances include the 18th season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ where she came in fourth place. She’s also been seen at a number of television award presentations, including the National Television Awards, when she made headlines for her appearance in a sheer black lace gown that left no room for interpretation.

Marnie has done a lot of product endorsements in addition to her reality television appearances. She took a break from Geordie Shore in 2015 to work and tour as the face of the lingerie line Love Honey. She has also supported Forever Modo, a fashionable apparel business, as well as Diamond Whites, a teeth whitening treatment.

She’s also been featured on the cover of a high-end publication called Heat. Her net worth has been estimated to be 500,000 GBP as of April 2017.

Behind the Scenes

Marnie’s lifestyle on the program has drawn public attention, and her onscreen hook-ups with costars have become the gossip of the town. When it came to confirmation, the tele star revealed in 2015 that she was dating Ricky Rayment of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ fame, a fellow reality TV personality. The couple took to social media to express their love for one another by exchanging lovey-dovey messages.

Ricky and Marnie got engaged in 2015, according to Marnie. The couple’s engagement did not last long, and they divorced later that year. Ricky did not respect Marnie, according to Marnie, who spoke to the media about the cause for their breakup.

Her next very public affair was with Aaron Chalmers, a Geordie Shore cast member, and their explicit PDA scenes on the show drew a lot of attention. However, the couple’s trust issues were exacerbated by the show’s lifestyle and frequent random hookups between cast members, and they parted ways amicably.

Her next relationship turned out to be a shambles. She began dating Lewis Bloor of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ fame, who is also a Celebrity Big Brother housemate. The pair was observed showering together, and their private time was highly hinted at. When it was revealed that Aaron had cheated on Marnie multiple times after Big Brother, the couple had a very violent breakup. They tried to work things out, but in late 2016, they had to say their goodbyes. Marnie had pledged to be off men for the time being after Lewis.

Estimated Net Worth

Marnie is a successful television actress who earns a fair living. Her current net worth is believed to be $2.5 million. Her annual pay as an actor ranges from $19k to $210k.