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Minworth, Birmingham

English bodybuilder Martyn Ford made headlines when he went from being an “11-stone youngster to a 23-stone monster.” His career as a budding cricketer was successfully rebuilt around physical training after he overcame an injury that destroyed his professional aspirations and emerged from severe depression. As a result of his notoriety as the “real life Hulk,” he has been cast in a number of films starring well-known actors, beginning with “Boyka: Undisputed” in 2016, where he played a fearsome fighter by the name of “Koshmar the nightmare.” His previous roles include those in “Accident Man,” “Redcon-1,” and “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” (2018). Along with this, he has a number of future films under his belt, such as Pierce Brosnan and Dave Bautista’s “Final Score,” “Robin Hood The Rebellion,” and “Kill Ben Lyk.” In the recent official TV commercial for “Shadow of War,” “Not Today, Brian,” he played an Orc. He has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram, making him a social media influencer as well. He has been announced as an athlete for the upcoming Bodypower Expo 10th anniversary event in Birmingham, which will take place in May 2018.

Become a Star

Martyn Ford started working out at the age of 11 and has always been interested in physical training. Then, when he was a teenager, he decided to focus his energy on a career in sports and became a bowler for the Warwickshire cricket team. He had aspirations of playing for the English national team in international cricket.

But at the age of 19, he sustained a major injury that put an end to his aspirations of becoming a professional cricket player. Following the accident, he developed a severe case of glandular fever, which required nearly a year for him to recover from and was vital for furthering his cricket career.

He experienced severe depression after having his job aspirations dashed, which when coupled with a lack of training had a negative impact on his body by causing him to lose weight quickly. During this period, he made the decision to consistently exercise in order to bulk up. He first just wanted to regain his lost weight and be in shape, but he soon realized that fitness training could replace the vacuum left by the premature end of his cricketing goals.

Being able to reconstruct his body and regain control over it made him feel accomplished. As a result, even after accomplishing his main objective, he continued for years, and even after losing 12 stone, he is still going.

His efforts have finally paid off, as he has not only established a reputation in the weight training industry but has also grown to become a star with three successful enterprises and several films to his credit. He is now concentrating on maintaining his physical fitness in preparation for his forthcoming film roles. He is oddly only an inch shorter than Hafór Björnsson, who portrays The Mountain in the HBO television series “Game of Thrones,” at 6 feet and 8 inches.

Why Martyn Ford Is Unique?

With the physique Martyn Ford has developed through hard work and training, he can now leg press up to a Smart car’s weight and deadlift 350 kg, which is the weight of Britain’s fattest lady. While he claimed it took him three to four years to acquire his current weight, it was more difficult to keep his body in shape over a ten-year period.

In order to maintain his present weight, he actually needs to consume roughly £250 worth of food each week, largely consisting of “chicken, fish, egg whites, oats, brown rice, potatoes, loads of veg,” and “plenty of water.” He doesn’t drink, therefore he stays away from parties in favor of going to dinners with his buddies.

He exercises for around an hour four times per week in addition to two times per week of MMA training. He continued to exercise after developing his intimidating physique and returned to school to pursue sports science, taking courses in nutrition and personal training. Then he opened Beta Bodz, his own gym, in Minworth.

Ford’s Individual Life

On May 26, 1982, Martyn Ford was born in Minworth, a village on the outskirts of Birmingham, West Midlands. He represented Warwickshire in cricket up until the age of 19 when an injury caused him to give up his aspirations.
He married Sacha Stacey in 2009; she is seven years his junior and stands at five feet, five inches.

The couple is the parents of two kids. Imogen, their first child, was born in 2012, and then a second daughter was born five years later. He is a devoted father who values quality time with his girls and frequently drives Imogen to school.

Estimated Net Worth

Martyn is one of the wealthiest and most well-known bodybuilders. Martyn Ford’s net worth is $5 million, per our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.