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Freddie Mercury, a British rock artist best known by his stage name Farrokh Bulsara, spent the 1970s and 1980s with Mary Austin as his longtime friend and lover. She was one of the most significant influences in the late rock star’s personal and professional life, despite the fact that few music aficionados will be familiar with her name. For a few years, the pair cohabitated in a flat in West Kensington. Austin served as Mercury’s muse, inspiring him to write numerous songs about her, the most well-known of which is “Love of My Life.” Fans of Mercury and members of his band Queen were well aware of the significance Mary had in his life. In addition, Mercury was honest about his feelings for her and the impact she had on his life. Despite having a deep love for one another, the pair never got married. Mary Austin eventually moved on to marry another man while Mercury had a flashy life and had numerous male companions. She cared for Mercury until his final days despite this, and as a result, he bequeathed her a sizable chunk of his estate.

Connection to Freddie Mercury

The fact that Mary Austin had a significant role in Freddie Mercury’s life was well known in the music industry. In a past interview, Mercury acknowledged how much Austin meant to him. Austin was the only true friend he ever had, and in his own words, none of his “lovers” could ever take her place. Austin and Mercury shared the same kinds of affections for one another, and Mercury frequently referred to her as his “common-law wife.”

In the later years of his life, Freddie came out as a gay and had numerous male companions. The acclaimed vocalist led a lavish personal life. But Mary Austin was the sole “queen” in the rock band Queen’s life, and she possessed his heart and soul.

Austin was raised in a middle-class home and put in a lot of effort to support herself starting in her adolescence. She first met English musician Brian May, one of the founders of the band “Queen,” when she was a young woman. They dated for a bit before breaking up quickly yet amicably. Austin also got to know the other band members, including Mercury, while she was with May. They immediately struck the proper notes and grew close to one another. Austin never wavered in her devotion for Freddie Mercury, always at his side as the band’s and Mercury’s popularity grew. They occupied a West Kensington apartment.

Austin’s presence in Mercury’s life served as inspiration for a number of his compositions. From Queen’s 1975 album “A Night at the Opera,” “Love of My Life” was one of the most well-known of these tracks. The band played the song on numerous occasions during their later tours.

As he became more well-known, Mercury’s life began to become increasingly crowded with renowned people and celebrities. Being a very straightforward individual, Austin occasionally felt uncomfortable with Mercury, and she confided her thoughts to him. Austin tried everything to persuade Mercury to stay since he knew she was not yet ready to let go of him. However, he became aware of the truth due to his sexual orientation and the expanding gap between the two. Austin was already conscious of his attraction to guys and was aware of Mercury’s recent string of male companions by this point. As a result, Austin reached her breaking point and made the decision to permanently stop the relationship.

Years with Freddie Mercury Later

Mercury kept his HIV infection a secret from the general public after discovering it. Mary Austin was one of the few who was aware of the fact. She found the news to be as difficult to handle as it was possible to be, yet she stuck with Mercury and took excellent care of him up until his passing. Mercury always acknowledged Austin’s contribution to his success and never took her for granted. Austin had a positive impact on Mercury’s life, and Austin was seen as a family member by Mercury’s mother.

Not out of gratitude, but rather in recognition of the significant role she had played in his life, Mercury bequeathed Austin the greater portion of his riches in his will. Austin received his mansion and up to $10 million USD. In his honor, she later established the Mercury Phoenix Trust, a nonprofit that aims to improve the lives of AIDS and HIV sufferers.

Individual Life of Mary Austin

In 1951, Mary Austin was born in London’s Fulham. She was raised in a middle-class family and had to put in a lot of effort during her teenage years to support herself. In 1990, she wed Piers Cameron, with whom she later had two children. In 1993, the couple got divorced. In 1998, she later wed Nicholas Holford; however, the union was dissolved four years later.

Net worth of Mary Austin

The estimated net worth of Mary Austin is about $1 million.