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Updated On May 31, 2023
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Famous American dancer and YouTuber Mateo Bowles. Dancers can communicate intense feelings that are difficult to express with words since dance is a universal language. Mateo Bowles, sometimes known as Teo, is a native of Michigan who discovered his love for dancing at the age of 5. He has been a proficient dancer ever since. He has created a unique genre that has become extremely popular online, along with his older brother Ayleo/Ayo. Since March 2011, the two brothers have operated the “Ayo & Teo” YouTube channel to display their talents in dance and enticing funk. Over 700,000 people have subscribed to the channel, and there have been an astounding 126 million views. Additionally, Mateo and his groove have gone viral on other social networking sites. More than 1.8 million people follow Mateo on Instagram, and they are all eager to catch even the tiniest peek of his cool factor. Teo is currently touring the entire nation to perform at events with the major names because he has established himself as a recognized name in the dance community.

The Ascent to Fame

Teo most likely inherited her love of dance from her parents. The example of his brother Ayo, who began dancing when he was 5 or 6, was added to that.

Teo was nearly a toddler when he began dancing at the age of three. In their grandmother’s basement, he and his brother began dancing, and they haven’t stopped since.

He has dedicated a lot of time and effort over the years to hone his skills. He first participated in school competitions before moving on to dance competitions. At home, he and his brother would execute difficult routines and record the performances using crude technology. The more he performed, the more self-assured he grew, and he progressively expanded the locations of his performances to include streets, parking lots, and even shopping centers.

Teo created this distinctive style of dance by fusing together a number of well-known mainstream styles to create an entirely new brand. His particular kind of dancing combines elements of hip-hop, lockin’ poppin’, freestyle, and American rhythm, and the result is incredibly captivating to see.

Teo moved to YouTube alongside his brother in order to demonstrate his dance prowess, and they launched the channel in 2011. The channel’s content features a good balance of creative choreography and varied challenges with trendy themes.

He and his brother have also developed a game they call the REVERSE in which they have to perform the dancing moves from a music video in reverse order. The challenge has gained popularity online, and there is even a song called “In Reverse Prod. Jazzepha & Cory Mo” that is devoted to the challenge and now has about 10 million views.

He co-wrote and performed the hip-hop songs “Rolex” and “Lit Right Now,” both of which have become online sensations, alongside Ayo. Rolex debuted on its channel in January 2017 and has had over 77 million views to date! With nearly 2 million views so far, the March 2017 release “Lit Right Now” is also gaining popularity quickly.

As a member of the Ayo & Teo partnership, Mateo has begun to attract the interest of the proper industry figures and has earned Chris Brown’s respect. Usher, a singer, and businessman, personally invited the duo to perform to his song at the 2016 BET Awards. Mateo also made an appearance in Lil Haiti’s music video for “Hit the Wave” as a dancer.

Why Mateo Bowles Is So Unique?

Mateo has a distinctive dance style, and the Ayo & Teo combo has received praise all around the world for its innovative choreography and original content. Mateo has also given particular attention to making his appearance fairly unusual, sporting a dog-snout mask on his face and an uncontrolled mane of golden afro hair. Teo has developed the habit of wearing a mask in all of his public appearances, unlike his brother who is frequently spotted without one.

Behind The Scenes

On August 29, 1999, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, Mateo Bowles was born. Little is known about Teo’s family or upbringing, other than what is known about his older brother and dancing partner. He was raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Yipsilanti neighborhood. He wants to pursue a career in dance choreography and music, drawing influence from greats like Michael Jackson.

Mateo Bowles’s Net Worth

Mateo is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Our study of Mateo Bowles’ net worth from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is roughly $1.5 million.