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Lionel Messi of Argentina is the younger brother of Matias Messi, a professional football player. He has previously gained attention for being detained on numerous occasions for crimes like threatening, stealing, assault, and illegal possession of firearms. Matias has a history of drug abuse and involvement in misdemeanor crimes. Additionally, he has ties to a lot of deadly criminals. When he avoided an assassination attempt at his house in 2011, he made headlines. Two kids were born to Matias and his wife, his childhood sweetheart.

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Legal Penalties of Matias Messi

For illegally possessing a firearm in 2008, Matias was held in police custody for no more than nine hours. Matias’ next-door neighbor claimed to have seen him wearing a 32-caliber handgun strapped to his waist belt. After being retrieved by Rosario police, the rifle was discovered to be fully loaded. But Matias didn’t resist to the arrest and handed the gun over to the cops without a fight. Prior to this, Matias took part in a robbery in the year 2000. He was sent into custody once more for threatening people in 2001 and 2002. However, Matias eventually received a clear bill of health.

Matias was detained in 2015 for carrying an unauthorized firearm. When the neighborhood police discovered the pistol in his car, he got into a fight with them. During a routine patrol in Rosario, his ‘Audi A5′ was stopped. As soon as the police attempted to search his car, Matias stopped them. He ended up fighting with the police and got hurt badly, cutting his eyebrow among other things. After that, he was brought to a local hospital for emergency care. Then, Matias was accused of having a gun without a license.

Matias was discovered in September 2016 with an illegal 0.22-caliber pistol. He wasn’t, though, put in a cell. Instead, he was told to run football classes for a local club called “Leones de Rosario” for four hours each week for a year. In addition to paying an eight thousand peso fine, Matias received a warning to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Matias was charged with assaulting police in 2018. Matias allegedly attacked them as they attempted to apprehend him for threatening a man. In Villa Gesell, Matias’ “Range Rover” had collided with Javier Rivera’s vehicle. Then, Matias made a gun threat on Rivera and made an attempt to run away. He attacked one of the police officers after he was stopped by the neighborhood police. Three offenses led to Matias’ arrest: unlawful possession of a firearm, making threats against, and assaulting a police officer.

He was arrested in August of the same year for illegally owning a Bersa 380 pistol that was discovered on his bloody speedboat. Matias was hospitalized after being taken into custody because he had fractured his jaw and nose due to a speedboat accident on the Panama River. Matias received a sentence of 2.5 years in prison as a deterrent. It meant he would remain in police custody as long as the inquiry went on, but he would avoid going to jail. Additionally, he had to complete community service.

Additionally, Matias has grown to be well-known on a number of social media sites. He made fun of football player Cristiano Ronaldo in 2013 over a “tweet.” To contrast his brother with Ronaldo, Matias uploaded a list of Lionel’s awards. Following this, he was subject to harsh criticism from Ronaldo’s supporters.

Individual Life of Matias Messi

On June 23, 1982, Matias was born in Rosario, Argentina. His mother, Celia Cuccittini, worked at a magnet manufacturing facility, while his father, Jorge Messi, was a manager at a steel mill. The father of Matias is of Italian and Spanish ancestry. In addition to Lionel, he also has a brother named Rodrigo. Maria Sol is the name of his other sister.

In 2001, the Messi family relocated to Barcelona. At the time, Matias was seeing Roxana Vallejos, and while in Barcelona, he sorely missed her. When Matias was 11 years old, they began dating. A few months later, he and his mother returned to Rosario.

Roxana and Matias have now wed. Tomas, a son, and Luana, a girl, are their children.
For a period, Matias ran a greengrocer’s store and a kiosk in the heart of the city. Later, he and his brother Leo started a marketing business. Matias has worked a variety of jobs since that company failed, including operating the gym “Casa Amarilla” and a restaurant bar called “VIP” that is registered in his father’s name.

Estimated Net Worth of Matias Messi

The estimated net worth of Matias Messi is around $1 million.