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American musician and YouTube sensation Matt Yoakum is the owner of the well-known “Matt Slays” channel. The channel, which debuted on April 15, 2015, had over 325,000 subscribers and 34 million viewers as of June 2017. On the “Matt Slays” channel, which consists of a mixture of vlogs, music, and challenges, he and his wife post videos every day. He publishes his own music on the channel and also works as a producer, lyricist, and songwriter. He is also quite well-liked on, which is now called TikTok; his “matt.slays” account has more than 600k followers. He focuses on comedy a lot and is really passionate about music and all of his other “crafts.” Joshua David Evans, a musician with his own YouTube channel JoshuaDTV, and Matt frequently collaborate.

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The career of Matt Yoakum

Early in life, Matt began singing and performing. He joined the San Francisco Bay Area boy band Townsend as a youngster. He had to perform a few trials before Townsend chose him to join. The group performed hip-hop-inspired songs. Matt’s attractiveness and vocal prowess met the group’s standards. He also contributed some little musical skills, which was very beneficial to the group. He was also a superb pianist and lyricist, which the band was seeking for. After joining the group, Matt was selected as one of the 25 finalists for the Lou Pearlman-produced “Making the Band” show, which was shown on ABC.

In February 2003, when he was still a student, he began working for Hilton Hotels in the sales division. He spent six years working with them. He also gave a live performance to win an MTV songwriting contest at this time.

Matt has directed a lot of web episodes and short films and is currently a composer, cinematographer, and editor. His musical videos, such as “Shit LA People Say,” “Shit Fat Vs. Skinny Girls Say,” and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey Parody” in 2012 and 2013, helped him gain popularity. In 2015, he released two further really well-liked videos: “Michael Jackson Mash-up (Love Never Felt So Good / Man in the Mirror)” and “Fight Song Cover.”

Individual Life of Matt Yoakum

In the United States, Matt was born in Pueblo on July 17, 1980. From 2000 until 2004, he attended Western Oregon University. He got engaged to Rebecca Zamolo after dating her for ten years. On May 17, 2014, after a year of engagement, he wed her. Famous YouTuber, author, and producer Rebecca is also. Matt also likes small dogs besides music.

Matt Yoakum’s earnings and net worth

The estimated net worth of Matt Yoakum is $2 million. His YouTube channel is his primary source of revenue.

He earns an estimated $90 thousand annually, according to some reputable online sources.

The projected net worth of his wife Rebecca, who has a YouTube channel with over 8.87 million subscribers, is $5 million.