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Matthew Healy is the singer vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist for the Manchester-based Indie rock band “The 1975.” To his pals, he is known as Truman Black Matty or simply Matty. His parents were both in the entertainment industry, thus he was exposed to music at a young age. Matthew and his band have created a reputation for themselves by performing live and releasing three popular albums in the UK, starting with jamming with his mates in college and playing in local pubs. Matthew is the main songwriter for his band, which creates a wide range of songs in various styles. They’ve toured Europe and the United States, as well as performing in London’s Royal Albert Hall. The band now has a significant following of young fans and has received awards at the UK’s annual music ‘Q’ Awards and the ‘Brit Awards.’ Individually, Healy is a big supporter of the British Humanist Association and has a large social media following. His distinct style sets him apart from other contemporary artists and has been the driving cause behind his band’s success.

Childhood and Adolescence

Matthew Timmothy Healy was born in Manchester, England, on April 8, 1989, to soap opera actress Denise Welch and television actor Tim Healy. His parents used to live a fast-paced lifestyle that included a lot of socializing with other performers and singers when he was little. At the age of four, Healy began playing the drums with his father and acquired an interest in music.

In 2012, his parents divorced, and his mother began dating Lincoln Townley, whom she later married. He grew up in Newcastle and Cheshire with a younger brother named Louis. His younger brother was influenced by him and is also a YouTube musician.

In 2004, Matthew began jamming with his pals Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann, and George Daniel at Wilmslow High School. They began by covering punk rock and pop songs before beginning to write their own music when they were about 15 years old.

Matthew was the band’s principal songwriter, and he came up with moving lyrics and a unique style. They went under the titles ‘Me and You Versus Them,’ ‘Drive Like I Do,’ ‘TALKHOUSE!,’ and ‘The Big Sleep,’ before their manager Jamie Oborne suggested the moniker ‘The 1975.’

Healy struggled in school and graduated with only three GCSEs. He saw schooling as an impediment to his music and refused to continue his studies. His mother persuaded that he enroll in Music College, but he only lasted three months there.

He was busy writing songs and working in a Chinese restaurant to supplement his income. During this time, he developed a cocaine addiction that required a long time to overcome.

Career of Matthew Healy

Healy started out as a drummer for ‘The 1975.’ After their lead singer left the band to create his own band, he became the band’s lead singer and guitarist. Adam Hann, the lead guitarist, Ross MacDonald, the bassist, and George Daniel, the drummer, completed the lineup.

Their first EP, ‘Facedown,’ was published in 2012 and received widespread airplay, with the lead single, ‘The City,’ being a BBC Radio 1 success. Their initial success surprised them because they were playing music more for fun than for a living. The positive reception they received from fans, on the other hand, inspired them to take their job more seriously from then on.

In the same year, they released their second EP, ‘Sex,’ which was followed by the single ‘Chocolate,’ which reached number 19 on the UK Singles Chart. By this time, ‘The 1975’ had established themselves and were about to release their debut album.

Their self-titled first album, which debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart in 2013, was published in 2013. It included a reworking of their song “sex,” which debuted on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show. It also made its debut on YouTube, where it quickly gathered a big following.

During the same time, Matthew and his band went on an international tour of Ireland and the United States to promote the album. They also visited the United Kingdom, performing at a number of festivals, including one at the Royal Albert Hall.

The band quickly rose to prominence, and in July 2013, they were invited to perform with the ‘Rolling Stones’ in Hyde Park. They also performed at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2013.

In the interim, there was some social media conjecture about the band’s breakup, which turned out to be false. ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’ and ‘Music for Cars’ were their second and third albums, respectively. Both albums debuted at the top of the UK Albums Chart and were included in the Billboard 200 in the United States. Each song was sung in a different style, which set them apart from their contemporaries.

In 2016, the band launched their hit track ‘The Sound,’ which was accompanied by a digital music video. Matthew Healy, who has a net worth of $ 5 million, is active on social media and has a large personal fan base.

Major Projects of Matthew Healy

Matthew Healy’s band ‘The 1975’ has published three albums: the self-titled debut, ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It,’ and ‘Music for Cars.’

Achievements & Awards

‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware’ was named ‘The Best Album’ at the UK’s annual music ‘Q’ Awards in 2016. His band also received the BBC’s ‘Radio 1 Live Lounge Performance of the Year’ award for their song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ in the same year.

The band won ‘Best Live Band’ at the ‘NME’ Awards and ‘Best British Group’ at the ‘Brit Awards’ the following year.

Personal History and Legacy

Matthew was formerly linked to model Gemma Janes, with whom he had a long-term romance that ended in 2014. He is also said to have had a relationship with Taylor Swift. The relationship, however, did not progress beyond that of a casual acquaintance.

He declares himself to be an atheist and a member of the British Humanist Association. Despite this, he is a religious iconophile who keeps a crucifix above his bed. He’s also open about his cocaine addiction in the past.

Matthew Healy Net Worth

Matthew Healy has a net worth of $15 million as an English musician and singer. Matthew Healy was born in April 1989 in London, England. He is best known as the lead singer of the band The 1975. For the indie rock band, Healy also plays guitar and piano.


On stage, he is known to drink a lot of alcohol and is usually clad in black with ripped off jeans at the knees.
Healy frequently has a disheveled appearance, his eyes half-closed as if he’s just gotten out of bed.

He is known to make a lot of sense when he speaks and to be quite serious about what he is doing.

He is an animal lover who owns a dog named Allen.
‘1 Jun, The 1975’ was scribbled on the back cover of a poetry book by Jack Kerouac, which inspired the term ‘The 1975.’