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Canadian social media influencer and TikTok celebrity Matthew Scarfone. His matthew_scarf TikTok profile, where he has amassed over 960 thousand admirers and over 45 million hearts, has helped him become well-known. Information about his early life and family is scant to nonexistent. He is well-known for his frequent uploads and has been active on even before it merged with TikTok. Although Scarfone uses traditional TikTok techniques to engage his audience—like dressing uniquely and utilizing Snapchat filters—his videos have a particular comic tone. His following on Instagram now numbers over 47,000, demonstrating his prominence outside of the app. He and his friend Malachi also manage a YouTube account. By the end of 2018, their channel had received over 330 thousand views and over 17,000 subscribers.

Gain Notoriety by Matthew Scarfone

For a few years now, Matthew Scarfone has been a member of the community. He’s a crowned user who entertains his fans on TikTok with a mix of traditional and funny performances. He has worked with a number of other users and TikTok users, such as MaximeB and abbyrose. Scarfone belongs to the web group collab_kings.

Scarfone uploaded a picture of himself in an enormous T-shirt to Instagram to kick things off. Since its September 2016 posting, more than 5,000 people have seen it. He took another selfie, but this time he was decked up in a hoodie. About four months after the initial shot was taken, it was uploaded. During this time, he did not upload anything on Instagram very often. Even now, he just sometimes publishes, and the majority of his images are selfies.

Feb. 2016 saw Scarfone launch his YouTube channel. About a month later, the channel’s oldest video was uploaded. The video, titled “Niagara Falls vlog,” follows Scarfone and two of his pals as they travel for spring break. He operated the channel by himself at first. In September 2017, he initially featured his friend Malachi in one of his films, and over time, Malachi became to be his most frequent collaborator. The station eventually changed its name to “Matt & Malachi.” They only upload one or two videos on YouTube each month, therefore their content is not very consistent. With over 32,000 views, “What I Look for in Girls????” is the most-watched video on the channel.

Individual Life of Matthew Scarfone

On December 17, 2000, Matthew Scarfone was born in Canada. Sarah is the name of his sister. Regarding his early life and family, not much is known. Jenna was his girlfriend, according to reports, when he first started using social media.

He fell deeply in love with scootering as a child. He would spend time and travel to the skate parks with his mates. Scooting has remained his favorite pastime despite his extensive social media celebrity. Pokémon also piques his curiosity.

The net worth of Matthew Scarfone

The estimated net worth of Matthew Scarfone is about $2 million.