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American entrepreneur, content producer, and smartphone and website developer Max Beaumont is the CEO of Limitless and Plus at the moment. He created his own website, “,” when he was ten years old, and it quickly brought in $2000. He started “SnapBidder,” a penny auction website, the following year. He began creating mobile apps when he was 12 years old, and in 2009, he earned an additional $2000 by selling his first software, “Candy Bear.” His game, “Project Boom,” which was distributed by GameSalad and promoted by Ventora Studio, came in at number four on the list of the most downloaded games in August 2012 and was named the “GameSalad Game of the Month.” He also produces electronic house music, and in October 2012, his song “Fun With Me” rose to prominence on YouTube. In January 2013, he established Beaumont Studios, his own business, to finance his ambition of building a social media platform worth $1 billion. In his most recent work, “The Unexpected Trailblazers,” two high school seniors from various backgrounds come together to change the educational system. He plans to develop imaginary “superhero” characters who concentrate on resolving contemporary issues and, if at all possible, test-drive those imaginative concepts through books, comics, or movies produced by a Marvel-like corporation.

Become a Star

Max Beaumont’s adventure as a programmer began while he was on summer vacation with his family in Shelter Island, New York. He persuaded his father to allow him to use his birthday money to purchase a domain and create a website after deciding to launch his own website out of boredom. He developed the video-sharing website “” using his own self-taught coding skills and online assistance, which received an average of 100,000 monthly visitors and was eventually sold for $2,000 in September 2007.

He then joined the GameSalad community in order to create iPhone games, where he later published the collaborative game “Project Boom.” On launch day, the game received positive reviews, was highlighted over 146 times globally in the iTunes store, and even made it to the top 5 list. In recent years, he has constructed websites for numerous different businesses and produced a large number of apps. Although he has had a YouTube channel since June 2013, he began to concentrate more on it in September 2017 after promising his subscribers that he would frequently publish videos.

Later Projects of Max Beaumont

Max Beaumont, then 17 years old, had set himself the considerably more ambitious objective of building a profitable social network before graduating, riding the success of his website and game to do so. In the self-imposed limited time period of one year, he was unable to accomplish his vision of the “Casso” network, but he did gain important knowledge on how to work with and hire freelancers. He then came up with the idea for the “Chains” network, which would enable users to connect anonymously with friends and share 10-second movies with them. Friends could then add their own 10-second videos to the chain, which might contain up to 10 such videos. To attract their consumers, he even began to aggressively market his new platform on active social media. Due to a lack of money, this endeavor also failed, but years later he connected with a different company that had developed an app with like objectives, and he backed that effort by publicizing it on his social media. He is currently focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), and he is a major fan of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

Disputes and scandals

Max Beaumont was a member of Jake Paul’s YouTube group “Team 10,” however he left the organization in August 2017 as a result of a bad incident involving Ricky “FaZe” Banks and Megan Zelly, two other members. When Banks was accused of attacking Zelly in a nightclub, Beaumont, who was there at the time, defended him and left the group so that Banks could openly express his side. Paul then responded to him, but since then, more people associated with the group have come out with more alarming information regarding the group. Although Zelly had posted a picture of a bruise on social media, many thought it was makeup.

Individual Life of Max Beaumont

Perry Beaumont and his wife welcomed Max Beaumont into the world on February 8, 1997, in Connecticut, United States. He went to Green Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut, but had a poor grade point average because of AHAD. He is a champion horseback rider who, by the age of 16, had participated in 22 competitions worldwide. He recently relocated to California from New York to continue his college studies. In the past, he gave software to charity through the JustWorld organization and performed charitable work in Guatemala. Additionally, he pledged to donate a portion of the money he made from his YouTube videos to charitable organizations.

Max Beaumont’s Net Worth

Max is one of the wealthiest and most well-known entrepreneurs. Our study of Max Beaumont’s net worth from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is about $1.5 million.