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Max Jr. is a renowned sketch-comedy artist and ‘Vine’ personality in the United States. He is best known for pioneering the ‘Smack Cam’ trend on ‘Vine,’ an innovation in and of itself. Later, ‘Smack Cam’ became one of the most prominent trends on ‘Vine.’ Max’s extraordinary acting abilities and impeccable comic timing helped him achieve over 600 million “views” on Vine prior to the application’s removal. He has collaborated with numerous well-known social media personalities and amassed a massive fan base. Max is also prominent on additional social networking sites.

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Social-Media Fame

Max began his career as a “Viner” after Jerry Purpdrank, a mutual friend, introduced him to the application. Towards the conclusion of his sophomore year, Max began uploading comedy clips to ‘Vine.’ In a matter of months, he amassed a million followers.

Max’s popularity increased after he introduced the trend ‘Smack Cam’ to ‘Vine.’ The trend of pranking individuals and filming their screams and reactions is known as “Smack Cam.” The trend exploded in popularity on ‘Vine.’ Consequently, Max’s “Vines” received more than 600 million “views” before the application was discontinued. Max’s most popular “Vines” include “Latina Women Know Exactly What to Say and Do Occasionally,” “The Booty Assassin,” “When You Accidentally Sneeze Around Your Black Friends,” and “When You Finally Get the Girl’s Number.”

In addition to introducing ‘Smack Cam,’ Max has participated in a number of collaborations. He has collaborated with numerous well-known “Viners,” including Jon Paul Piques. Some of his videos have also been featured on prominent television programs like ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’

Max is also renowned on Instagram, where he has attracted over 760 thousand followers. His “Vines” are also accessible on his YouTube channel. Additionally, Max has been producing his own music. He uploads his original music to ‘SoundCloud.’ Notable works by him include ‘Night,’ ‘Diamonds,’ ‘Music Box,’ ‘Antique,’ and ‘Trophies.’

Max’s Personal Life

Max was born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 9, 1992, as Max Isidor Jr. He and his younger sibling grew up in Randolph, a small town located south of Boston. The younger sibling of Max has served in the ‘US Air Force.’ Presently, Max resides in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Max studied physical therapy at a nearby university. Soon thereafter, he and his companion Daniel Nguyen quit college to pursue careers in social media. Max has made acquaintances with internet celebrities such as Jerry Purpdrank, Dan Nampaikid, Curtis Lepore, and Piques through his collaborations with a number of well-known “Viners.”

Estimated Net Worth

Max is one of the wealthiest Instagram stars and one of the most renowned. Max Jr. has a net worth of $5 million, according to our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.