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Long Island, New York
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Long Island, New York

Maximilian David Muñiz is the son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, a former American couple who were singers, actors, and producers. Maximilian has a twin sister named Emme. From Marc’s prior relationships, they have three elder half-brothers and one older half-sister. The middle names of the twins came from the family names of their parents. Six million dollars was paid to ‘People’ magazine for the twins’ first set of photos. After being hitched in 2004, Jennifer and Marc parted ways in 2011. After their divorce was finalized in 2014, Jennifer is currently the primary child-custodian.

Before Birth of Maximilian David Muñiz

When Jennifer was in Portugal for a concert, she surmised that she was expecting. To confirm the pregnancy, Sarah and Marc later conducted three tests. Everyone assumed Jennifer had undergone in-vitro fertilization when she announced she was expecting twins. Her pregnancy was natural, nevertheless.

Birth of Maximilian David Muñiz

At 12:23 a.m. on February 22, 2008, in Long Island, New York, Maximilian was born. He is one minute younger than Emme, his twin. The twins’ births were said to have occurred 11 minutes apart at first. Similar to Maximilian, who was born weighing 5 pounds, 13 ounces, despite reports that he weighed 6 pounds. At “North Shore University Hospital,” the babies were delivered by C-section. Every moment of Jennifer and Marc’s pregnancy and delivery was captured on camera, and they assembled the clips into a video journal.

Jennifer acknowledged that she was terrified to death that her children might be taken. She therefore spent £300,000 hiring a group of bodyguards to keep an eye on them. The famous children were born in an opulent birthing suite and were showered with costly presents, including ‘Baby K’tan’ pillows and baby carriers personalized with their names.

Maribel is Maximilian’s middle name, and David is Emme’s. “Maribel” was the name of Marc’s sister who passed away from a brain tumor, and “David” was given in memory of Jennifer’s father. Another name for Maximilian is “Max.” Jennifer calls her twins her “coconuts,” which is quite endearing.
Arianna Anthony Muñiz, the daughter of Marc and his former lover Debbie Rosado, is Maximilian’s older half-sister. Marc and Debbie adopted Alex Chase Muniz, his elder half-brother. Additionally, Marc and his ex-wife Dayanara Torres have two elder half-brothers, Ryan and Cristian, who are also Maximilian’s siblings.

Maximilian and Emme’s first set of pictures sold for $6,000,000 to ‘People’. Throughout a weekend, celebrity photographer Tony Duran spent eight hours taking pictures at the couple’s Long Island home. The journal published them in its March 2008 issue.

Jennifer went to ‘Sugar Factory’ in Las Vegas to celebrate the twins’ ninth birthday. The birthday cakes were personalized for each youngster. Thirty people attended the birthday party. Maximilian and Emme were showered with costly presents. They were given ‘Bonpoint’ costumes by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. They also received a pair of “Dolce & Gabbana” personalized fur wraps. ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ was where Maximilian and Emme made their television debut alongside their mother in 2017. June 2014 saw the divorce of Jennifer and Marc. After that, Jennifer was granted primary physical care of Emme and Maximilian.

Net worth of Maximilian David Muñiz

The estimated net worth of Maximilian David Muñiz is about $1 million.