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The renowned South Korean dancer and choreographer May J Lee works as a trainer and dance educator at the 1Million Dance Studio in the well-known Gangnam neighborhood. Popular Korean pop singers like Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, and Jay Park were all trained at the studio. May J Lee is actively involved in the studio’s routines, rehearsals, and shows and her videos show her dancing to catchy songs with extraordinary dance moves. She was a member of the Nike Women’s Korea team as well. She became interested in dancing at an early age and even majored in practical dancing in college. She primarily enjoys public dancing and dance competitions. She had a ten-year dance career before switching to choreography because she enjoyed combining acting and dancing. She has a huge following of admirers thanks to her easy-to-follow moves, and her personal dance routines on YouTube have received over 19 million views. She presently performs and tours with 1Million Dance Studio as a dance instructor.

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Career of May J Lee

Having chosen dancing as her profession out of enthusiasm, May J Lee graduated from Baekje Art University with a degree in practical dancing. She started by studying combat dancing, modern hip hop, and street dancing. Soon after, she was given the chance to join the tap dancing squad that her professor had founded. She had to juggle her street dancing schedules while also performing for her professional tap squad. She did this for three years before she chose to switch her career as she suffered from chronic feet injuries. Her next decision was to work as a dance-related instructor. She chose to resume dancing, but this time she branched out into choreography after realizing she was happiest when dancing. She attributes her current popularity to this early job change. She firmly believes in dancing and makes an effort to stay current with music and movies. She focuses solely on dancing in her latest routine. She starts by creating routines for the courses, then she practices them before teaching. Outside the studio, she frequently gets requests for other programs as well.

Her online journey started in June 2013 when she launched her YouTube account, “May J Lee,” and started posting videos. These films mainly featured choreographed dances she had created, including hip hop and street dancing. Her channel quickly gained popularity and now has more than 400k followers. She subsequently joined 1Million Studio in 2014, a well-known arts group that was primarily made up of dance professionals who would produce and instruct original choreography. The studio’s K-pop dance routines are well-known throughout the world. When Nike released the “Women’s Revolution” video, she worked with them through this studio to execute a dance routine while donning the newest Nike footwear.

She views her 8-minute choreography for the Fifth Harmony song “Worth it” starring Kid Ink as her most memorable performance because a video of the class was used by numerous other vloggers and received over 97 million views. Some of her other well-known songs are “Work” by Rihanna, “Sparks” by Hilary Duff, “That Girl” by Justin Timberlake, and “2 B Loved” by Janet Jackson. She commonly works with fellow 1Million Studio member Eunho Kim as a company dancer. She uploads personal clippings to her own channel in addition to her works on the 1 Million Studio’s YouTube page. Both networks receive a lot of viewers and are very well-liked. She is also a prominent user of social media. She has over 713k followers on Instagram, where she shares pictures of her dance lessons, workouts, and behind-the-scenes moments. She maintains a busy presence on her Facebook page, which has more than 140k fans. Recently, K-pop dance sequences have become increasingly popular, and Lee’s choreography is frequently used in these videos. She wants to pursue her love for dance by working as a choreographer and instructor. ssssss. the the, s . She will collaborate with the top dancers and pupils as 1Million Studio’s fame grows every day.

Individual Existence of May J Lee

May J. Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, on May 17, 1988. She enjoys playing computer games, relaxing, going out to eat, and watching movies when she isn’t dancing or choreographing. When she is at home, she enjoys playing with her dog, Dali, and treats him as a son. Since she mostly speaks in interviews about her professional life, there is no information accessible about her romantic life.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of May J Lee is about $1 million.