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Popular vlogger Mayra Isabel publishes films on beauty tips and tricks. She rose to fame thanks to her’mayratouchofglam’ YouTube channel. She also runs a separate YouTube channel called “Mayra Isabel Vlogs,” where she posts vlogs about happenings in her life. Mayra is a freelance makeup artist who learned the craft on her own. There are several various types of makeup tutorials on her channel, “mayratouchofglam.” Mayra uploads unboxing videos and product reviews in addition to makeup instructions. She has endorsement deals with a lot of high-end cosmetics companies, including NYX, Benefit Cosmetics, The Balm, and Urban Decay. There are several story time videos on her Mayra Isabel Vlogs channel as well. Many of these videos feature members of her family. Mayra has been to a lot of conventions, including the MAC Party hosted by Patrick Simondac. Her entire wedding, from the engagement ceremony to the honeymoon, is documented in a series of films that were uploaded to her channel.

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YouTube’s Story of Mayra Isabel

Mayra has always been an imaginative person. When she was little, she frequently painted and drew. She became fond of makeup as she entered puberty because of her propensity for the arts. Being a shy girl, she kept her desire to pursue a career in makeup a secret from others.

Her opinion was altered by a school-related experience. A group of female classmates regularly body shamed her throughout her first year of school since she was a little obese and fat. She started her first YouTube channel, “mayratouchofglam,” in 2012 to win back her confidence and to make a point. As of right now, the channel has more than a million subscribers.

Unboxing videos, product reviews, makeup tutorials, beauty regimens, and other fashion-related content are all intended to be uploaded on this channel. She started off by posting a video with the headline “Mermaid Halloween makeup instruction.” She gave her viewers some makeup tips in her following video so they could appear like Kim Kardashian. She made a few more videos after that, largely makeup guides that showed viewers how to look like celebrities like Katy Perry, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Barbie, zombies, and Elsa from the animated film “Frozen.”

Mayra has provided a ton of lessons on various eye makeup techniques, including Arabic, Smokey, Cut Crease, Glitter Eyes, Galaxy, Winged Eyeliner, Cat Eye, and many more.

She has also given several good reviews, including the Velour Lashes mascara, Lux Addiction, Covergirl Ready, and the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3. Boxycharm Unboxing April, NYX Face Awards Top 30 Unboxing, and Lip Monthly Unboxing are just a few of Mayra’s unboxing videos.

Mayra has a separate channel where she posts information about happenings in her life. When she purchased the Range Rover of her dreams, she uploaded a video. Mayra recounted her meeting with Kylie Jenner experience in one of the videos. Mayra shared a video of her day out with her mum in 2016 on social media. Mayra broadcasts a number of films detailing her Christmas celebrations every year. She has given the series the special moniker “vlogmas.” She went to a MAC party that was hosted by renowned makeup artist and fashion blogger Patrick Simondac during one of these Christmas celebrations.

Every year on their anniversary, which is June 14th, Mayra and Bryan publish a video together. In one of these videos, Bryan unexpectedly proposed to her in front of her. Then Mayra shared videos of her wedding, bachelorette party, and honeymoon. As part of her wedding preparations, she also recorded a tutorial video, which was eventually posted to her second channel.

Additionally, Mayra has scheduled a meet & greet at the Sigma Mall of America and announced numerous freebies. Mayra never passes up the chance to go to conferences. At the Los Angeles-based Beautycon Festival, she was spotted strolling along the red carpet.

Individual Life of Mayra Isabel

On February 8, 1994, Mayra Isabel was born in Orange County, California. She grew up with three brothers, two sisters, and two nephews. Karina, Mayra’s twin sister, has appeared in numerous of her sister Mayra’s fashion vlogs. Mayra helps her brother, who coordinates events, whenever she can. Mayra’s parents are from Mexico, and she is of Hispanic ancestry.

Bryan Renteria, whom Mayra dated for seven long years, is now her husband. In September 2017, they exchanged vows. Mayra hopes to soon introduce her own line of cosmetics.

Estimated net worth

However, Mayra has not formally reported her annual salary or net worth. However, other online sites put her net worth at around $115,000.