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Film producer and author Megan Everett is well known for her children’s book “Banned from the Zoo.” Stellan Skarsgrd, an actor, is her husband. Additionally, she has contributed as a scriptwriter to a few Swedish television programs. She joined Knight Hall, a London-based literary agency, in March 2014. As a producer, Megan has funded works including the well-liked drama film “German Autumn” and the Swedish dance documentary “Behind the Scenes: The Filming of Bye.” When Megan wed renowned Hollywood actor Stellan Skarsgrd, her popularity reached its zenith. After being married, she took on the role of Stellan’s stepmother, raising Alexander, Gustaf, Bill, Sam, Valter, and Eija Skarsgrd.

Early Childhood & Life

On March 3, 1976, in Ohio, United States of America, Megan Everett was born. Megan’s passion in scriptwriting and movies began as she pursued her high school education. In order to study the fundamentals of screenwriting, she enrolled in a summer program run by the “University of Southern California.” Megan relocated to Ireland after completing her undergraduate studies and joined “The Script Factory” to hone her screenwriting abilities.

The Career of Megan Everett

Career Megan began her professional life by joining the development team of “Fastnet Films,” a Dublin, Ireland-based company that produces videos. She subsequently started working as a copywriter for the renowned advertising firm “DDB Worldwide.” Megan had the chance to work with well-known clients like “Volkswagen” and “Carlsberg” when employed at “Owens DDB” in Dublin. Megan transitioned to scriptwriting after acquiring experience as a copywriter. In 2013, she made her production debut and provided the funding for the Swedish dance documentary “Behind the Scenes: The Filming of Bye.”

The documentary, in which Stellan Skarsgrd plays a significant role, details the process of creating the television adaptation of the well-known dance movie “Bye.” Then she worked on ‘German Autumn,’ a movie that she produced based on the same-titled book by Stig Dagerman. She joined the “Knight Hall Agency” in London in March 2014, where she started to actively produce literary works. She published her debut book, a children’s book titled “Banned from the Zoo,” in September 2017. She later began to work primarily as a screenwriter and contributed to a few Swedish science fiction television series. As a screenwriter and producer, Megan is currently connected to the Swedish entertainment sector.

Individual Life of Megan Everett

In January 2009, Megan Everett wed renowned Hollywood actor Stellan Skarsgrd. Stellan Skarsgrd is renowned for his roles in films including “The Avengers,” “Angels & Demons,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.” Stellan previously wed the actress and physician My Skarsgrd, with whom he had a daughter and five boys. Stellan’s boys had made careers as performers by the time he married Megan.

Ossian Skarsgrd, Megan’s son, was born on April 26, 2009, and is her first child. Stellan and Megan welcomed a son on August 24, 2012, whom they named Kolbjörn Skarsgrd. Stellan underwent a vasectomy after the birth of his son Kolbjörn, despite the fact that he was more than content to have eight children. Currently, Megan, her husband, and their kids reside in Stockholm. She is close with her stepchildren as well, and the Skarsgrd family as a whole makes an effort to get together occasionally. Additionally, Megan still gets along well with Stellan’s ex-wife. She even seems to like spending time with My Skarsgrd and her kids.

Estimated Net Worth of Megan Everett

The estimated net worth of is Megan Everett around $1 million.