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Mercedes Lambre is a model, singer, dancer, and actor from Argentina. For audiences around the world, she is most recognized for her role as Ludmilla in the Disney Channel sitcom “Violetta.” Originally from La Plata in the Province of Buenos Aires, she began her career as a model before transitioning to television acting. Lambre is regarded as one of the rising actresses in the Argentine film industry, despite the fact that she hasn’t done many acting roles to far. She is a multi-talented performer with dance, singing, and acting training. Lambre has appeared in numerous music videos as an actress and singer, such as “Juntos somos más” and “Ven y canta”. The Argentine beauty, who has a beautiful grin, is a real person. In contrast to her on-screen persona Ludmilla, she is a self-assured, intelligent, and genuinely nice person in real life. Lambre is a devoted cat lover who enjoys spending time with her cherished companion animal. It goes without saying that her beauty and simplicity have captured the hearts of many men all over the world.

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Career of Mercedes Lambre

Modeling was Mercedes Lambre’s first job in the profession. She was chosen to play Ludmilla, the lead character, in the telenovela “Violetta” in 2012. She starred in Violetta’s “Juntos somos más” and “Ven y canta” music videos that same year. She appeared in the 2013 music video “Si es por amor” shortly after this. The actress took part in “Violetta: La emoción del concierto,” a concert film (2014) that was based on the television series “Violetta.” She filmed a second concert film for the television series “Violetta Live en Montpellier” a year later. Afterwards, Lambre portrayed Ludmila in the Italian-Spanish film “Tini: The Movie” in 2016.

Individual Life of Mercedes Lambre

On October 5, 1992, Mercedes Lambre was born in La Plata, Argentina. With actors Gaston Marioni, Lito Cruz, Alejandro Orduna, and Augusto Britez, she studied theater. At the CEFOA Academy taught by Professor Gabriel Giangrante, she also received voice instruction.

The Argentine beauty has dancing training in jazz, Spanish dances, and street dance.
Regarding her romantic history, Lambre previously dated fellow actor Xabiani Ponce de León. She began dating Pablo Espinosa following their breakup. But eventually, the pair broke up because they were unable to handle the difficulties of their distance relationship.

Martina Stoessel, an actress, is best friends with Lambre. Facundo Gambandé and Rodrigo Velilla are also close friends of hers. She presently owns a cat named Helena and is a cat lover. It is unknown what the actress’s parents’ backgrounds, jobs, and family history are.

Mercedes Lambre has three tattoos: one on her right foot, one on her ankle that reads “Las amapolas crecen rojas,” and one on her right shoulder that features a butterfly. “Mechistas” are the nickname given to the actress’s admirers. Had Lambre not pursued a career in acting, she would have become a drama instructor.

Net worth of Mercedes Lambre

The estimated net worth of Mercedes Lambre is about $1 million.