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Michael Dapaah is an English actor, rapper, and comedian who goes by the names Big Shaq and Roadman Shaq. His humorous song “Man’s Not Hot” went viral on the internet, propelling him to stardom. The song served as the basis for a well-known online meme that quickly gained popularity and took off. In his acts, actor-comedian Dapaah plays rapper “Big Shaq,” commonly referred to as “Roadman Shaq,” a fake character. He became so well-known for playing “Big Shaq” that he finally began going by the name of the character as an alias! He has a lot of activity on his YouTube page and on other social media sites. He was once a cast member of the “Somewhere in London” YouTube mockumentary series. With four main characters, the show was a big hit and in its first season got over a million viewers.

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Michael Dapaah Ascent to Fame

Michael Dapaah started his career on YouTube by uploading quick comedy routines. Later, he had an appearance in the YouTube mockumentary “Somewhere in London,” which in its first season garnered over a million views. Later, he made an appearance on Charlie Sloth’s “Fire in the Booth” program on BBC Radio 1Xtra. When Dapaah released his comedic rap song “Man’s Not Hot” in September 2017, the internet went crazy. Both the Australian Recording Industry Association and the British Phonographic Industry certified the song platinum due to its huge success. In Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy, it was certified gold.

Dapaah records all of his raps under the fictitious moniker “Big Shaq” (sometimes referred to as “Roadman Shaq”). His song “Man’s Not Hot” became so well-known that it became a catchphrase. The song inspired a meme that became viral online. When this meme went viral, Dapaah gained international attention. Dapaah was able to seize a number of remarkable possibilities to advance his career thanks to his newly discovered fame. He has so far worked with numerous other well-known rappers and groups, including DJ Khaled, Miles Parks McCollum, Juaquin James Malphurs (better known as Waka Flocka Flame), and Broederliefde.

Individual Life of Michael Dapaah

In January 1991, Michael Dapaah was born in London, England. Joseph Dapaah, his father, works as a doctor. He has Heather and Edward as siblings. In 2014, Dapaah received a bachelor’s degree in theatre and acting from Brunel University London.

He is extremely well-known on social media; his Instagram and YouTube accounts each have over a million followers. Additionally, he has amassed a respectable following on Twitter. Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., a well-known rapper better known by his stage name Stormzy, is his best friend.

Net worth of Michael Dapaah

The estimated net worth of Michael Dapaah is about $1 million.