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The YouTube channel’makeupbymichaelfinch’ is home to Australian makeup artist Michael Finch, who is well-known for his beauty-related videos and tutorials. Finch, who is well-known for his imaginative makeup looks, has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans not just on YouTube but also on other social networking sites. His ongoing success is due to his unquenchable desire to develop fresh cosmetic styles and new content. Many people now still learn from Finch’s films and consider him to be an inspiration. The makeup artist, who was up in Myrtleford, Victoria, is a natural when it comes to evaluating cosmetics and beauty goods. He stands out from newcomers because of his extensive understanding in the artistic disciplines. Finch is a nice and enjoyable person in person. He exhorts his followers to be just as assured and direct as he is. When it comes to the concept of “masculinity,” he does not adhere to the social conventions that have been imposed, and he feels very at ease in his own skin.

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Become a Star

On March 9, 2014, Michael Finch launched his YouTube channel, “makeupbymichaelfinch,” and subsequently shared a ton of lessons for doing makeup and cosmetics. The video “Chit Chat Talk Sh!T GRWM + Trying out new Product” was where he began. Then he showed off a neutral makeup look on one of his clients in a video after that. Finch then created more makeup ideas, including “copper and cranberry makeup look,” “bronze makeup tutorial,” and “glitter smoky eyes look,” to name a few. These videos all had a respectable amount of views.

He began to publish a variety of celebrity-inspired looks, such as “Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup,” “Kim Kardashian Inspired Dramatic Smoky Eyes,” etc., as a result of his channel’s increasing popularity. The makeup artist started sharing videos of beauty product reviews in addition to makeup tutorials. His viewers thought these films to be beneficial and they gained in-depth knowledge and deeper understanding about these things as a result. As he continued to upload videos, Finch finally rose to prominence on YouTube.

As of September 2018, his channel had over 83 million views and over 918k subscribers. He recently posted many videos, one of which is titled “Swapping Makeup Bags With A 14 Year Old.” This video, which was released on August 26, 2018, shows a makeup artist and one of his young pals trading their makeup collections. This video, which has received over 419k views thus far, is very humorous and entertaining.

Individual Life of Michael Finch

On September 8, 1996, Michael Finch was born in Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia. The internet lacks information about his parents and siblings. But several of his YouTube videos have included his mum. He has close relationships with several other YouTubers, notably Kashani Grimmond, who has appeared in two of Finch’s most popular videos, “Client Makeup” and “Clubbing GRWM”.

At the 2015 Vintage YouTube Melbourne After Party event, YouTube stars Kodi Brown, Kimmi Smiles, and Lukus were among the 15 people on a panel that also included Michael Finch.

Estimated Net Worth of Michael Finch

The estimated net worth of Michael Finch is around $1 million.