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Popular American voice actor, YouTube gaming sensation, and actor named Michael Vincent Jones. He launched LtMkilla, his YouTube channel, in 2007, and has since amassed a sizable following. A media and entertainment firm called Rooster Teeth noticed his “Crackdown 2 – Orbs = Bullshit” video after it went viral and hired him full-time to produce videos for their gaming channel Achievement Hunter. He now produces “Let’s Play” videos for Achievement Hunter for games like Saints Row and Minecraft. He previously produced his own “Let’s Play” videos for his personal YouTube channel. He performs voice work for the characters Sting Eucliffe in “Fairy Tail” and Sun Wukong on the anime-style web series “RWBY.” He plays a significant role in the podcast Internet Box, which is hosted by Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter members. After finding success as a podcast host, voice actor, and internet star, Michael decided to try his hand at acting. He has since made several TV appearances.

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Become a Star

On April 22, 2007, Michael Vincent Jones launched the LtMkilla YouTube channel. As of September 2018, he had successfully accumulated over 378k subscribers and over 30 million views. Because of the success of one of his films, “Crackdown 2 – Orbs = Bullshit,” he was highlighted on Reddit’s home page. Rooster Teeth, an American media and entertainment firm, took notice of this. He was hired by the business right away and requested to create a new program for its channel Achievement Hunter. Over 350 million people watched the brand-new show “Rage Quit” after it went viral. In September 2011, Jones co-founded the Internet Box podcast. The podcast has received numerous honors. Along with other Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter cast members, he serves as its host.

Jones has contributed his voice to numerous Rooster Teeth and other projects. He provided the voices for Max in “Camp Camp” and the well-known character Sun Wukong in the anime series “RWBY.” Additionally, he provided the voices of Zach in the science fiction comedy movies “Lazer Team” and “Lazer Team 2,” as well as Mogar in the animated series “X-Ray and Vav.”

He has performed as an actor in two seasons of Rooster Teeth’s “Immersion” and “Ten Little Roosters,” two comedic murder mystery web series. He has appeared in the TV anime “Fairy Tail” as Sting Eucliffe in addition to his Rooster Teeth credits. He had the lead role in the 2015 film “World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman.” He also made appearances in the TV shows “Dragonar Academy” and “Ninja Slayer From Animation” that same year. He played Dogra in the 2016 television series “One Piece.” ‘The Eleven Little Roosters’, a web series, featured him in 2017.

Individual Life of Michael Jones

In Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, on July 24, 1987, Michael Vincent Jones was conceived. He worked as an electrician for roughly five years after high school. Later, he relocated to Austin, Texas.

On May 9, 2014, he wed Lindsay Tuggey, another Rooster Teeth voice actress. The pair made their pregnancy announcement in 2016 at Rooster Teeth’s 2016 Extra Life livestream. He revealed the gender of the infant to his audience in January 2017. Their daughter Iris Elise Jones was born on May 24, 2017. He is close buddies with YouTube stars Ray Narvaez Jr. and filmmaker Gavin Free. Michael and Lindsay made the news that they would give birth to their second child in February 2019 on August 5.

Estimated Net Worth of Michael Jones

The estimated net worth of Michael Jones is around $1 million.