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The American-Mexican actor Michael Trevino is best known for playing “Tyler Lockwood” in the well-liked American fantasy series “The Vampire Diaries.” He was raised and born in California, and he made his acting debut in the 2005 episode of Summerland. From there, he participated in numerous additional TV shows as a star, primarily for brief appearances in single episodes of “Charmed,” “Commander in Chief,” “Cold Case,” and “CSI: Miami.” His first significant professional break came with the 2007 series “The Riches,” and he went on to sign on to act in several series, including “90210” and “Cane.” He made his television debut in 2009 as “Tyler Lockwood” in the first season of “The Vampire Diaries.” He continued playing the part for the next six seasons, garnering a sizable fan base. He also made a brief appearance in the spin-off series “The Originals.” Additionally, he worked on the television movies “Love Finds a Home” and “Cow Belles.” In 2011, he made his big-screen debut in the movie “The Factory.”

Early Childhood & Life

On January 25, 1985, Michael Trevino was born to Mexican parents in California. His mother was a Mexican immigrant, while his father was raised in East Los Angeles.
Being an introvert, Michael spent the majority of his school years being shy. Nobody could have predicted that this bashful youngster would go on to become an actress back then.

He excelled in school and had a strong desire to learn foreign languages. Michael first picked up on his parents’ attempts to teach him Spanish very well, but when his parents became preoccupied with other tasks, he lost interest. The fact that the babysitter who was hired to watch him didn’t speak Spanish ended up being a huge letdown for the young Michael.

When he began taking part in high school theater plays in his late teens, he began to take an interest in acting. His desire to master professional acting after graduating from high school brought him to “Playhouse West,” where he began honing his acting abilities.

He eventually started going to auditions and was cast in a few commercials but not any film or television roles. He was fortunate enough to earn the role of Tim Browser in “Summerland” in 2005, which launched his career.

Career of Michael Trevino

Michael’s career saw a boom in 2005 when he simultaneously participated in three TV shows. His first appearance was in a single episode of “Summerland,” and he then had two minor appearances in shows like “Commander in Chief” and “Charmed.”

He was chosen to take the lead in the Disney straight-to-television movie “Cow Belles” in 2006. Both the public and the critics praised his portrayal of Jackson Meade.

After then, a few cameos in “Bones,” “Cold Case,” “Without a Trace,” and “Commander in Chief” appeared. He was struggling to land roles that would showcase his acting abilities because most of his roles were only one episode long.

With a minor appearance in “Charmed” and a little better recurrent role in “The Riches,” he furthered the reach of his profession. He was cast in bigger and better roles as time went on, and his performances in “Cane” and “90210” got positive reviews.

His career changed for the better in 2009 when he was cast in one of the lead parts in the CW drama “The Vampire Diaries,” which was adapted from the same-titled book series. The character of “Tyler Lockwood,” a cross between a werewolf and a vampire, was given to Trevino.

Michael gained a lot of praise for his performance as the show was renewed for more seasons. He received the “Teen Choice Award” in 2011 and 2012 for his outstanding work in the show. The series eventually rose to prominence among American television shows, and Michael undoubtedly had some solid offers as a result.

He played the title character Tad in the 2012 movie “The Factory.” Both the public and the critics loved his performance.

Additionally, he played Tyler again in the spin-off series “The Originals.” Even though Michael’s visit was brief, his performance was still praised. He was the first significant character to switch between shows.
His devoted followers were shocked to learn that he will be leaving “The Vampire Diaries” in 2015, along with the show’s female protagonist Nina Dobrev. Later, when he made an appearance on the show, these rumors were disproved.

He had a brief cameo in the 2016 season of “Sunset Park.” Additionally, his public relations staff revealed that he will have a significant part in the 2018 release of the Chinese movie “Out of Control.”

Individual Life of Michael Trevino

Regarding his partnerships, Michael Trevino has been transparent. In 2011, he began dating “Glee” actress Jenna Ushkowitz, but the union broke up three years later.

After this breakup, there were rumors that he was dating Nina Dobrev, his co-star on “The Vampire Diaries,” although there was never any official confirmation of this.

Michael Trevino’s Net Worth

American actor Michael Trevino has a $4 million dollar fortune. In January 1985, Michael Trevino was born in Montebello, California. His most well-known performance was as Tyler Lockwood in the television series The Vampire Diaries. In the 2005 television season of Summerland, he made his debut. He had guest appearances on Summerland and Charmed the same year. In the 2006 television movie Cow Belles, Michael played Jackson Meade. He made guest appearances in seasons of Bones, Cold Case, Without a Trace, and CSI: Miami in 2006. He played Jaime Vega in the television series Cane in 2007. Later, he appeared again in episodes of the TV series The Riches and 90210. In addition to making guest appearances on episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Mentalist, and CSI: NY, Trevino played Jake in the 2008 television film Austin Golden Hour. His most well-known performance since 2009 has been as Tyler Lockwood on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries. The Factory (2012) and the 2009 television movie Love Finds a Home both starred Michael. In 2013, he played a recurring part in The Originals. In 2011 and 2012, Trevino won Teen Choice Awards for Male Scene Stealer on Choice TV. Jenna Ushkowitz was an actress who Michael once dated.