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Michael Vasquez is an American social media celebrity whose Instagram posts have propelled him to prominence. Michael has more than two hundred thousand Instagram followers under the online aliases abovetheclovdss and yourboyclovds. Michael is frequently seen high in his videos. This is likely one of the reasons why people find his manner of speech charming and endearing. The social media star also uploads lip-sync videos on the video-editing application ‘Musical.ly (now known as TikTok)’. This young man is the father of a daughter named ‘Avery.’

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Social Media Renown

Michael entered the social media landscape without much fanfare. He never seriously considered or intended to pursue a career in the field. He was extremely enthusiastic about taking photographs and posing. Michael, like every other Instagram user, used to post random photos and sometimes videos. It all began when his photographs, particularly those of him exhaling marijuana smoke, gained widespread attention.

Michael entered social media through the photo-sharing application ‘Instagram.’ The account has more than 291,000 followers. Michael’s Instagram account was relaunched around the middle of 2016. His previous account was deleted after numerous detractors reported him for his posts and the images he uploaded. Many of Michael’s supporters urged his haters to simply block him rather than report his entire account. Now that he has two Instagram accounts, he routinely posts to both of them.

Michael then utilized the TikTok video creation application. Many of his lip-sync recordings have accumulated over 600,000 ‘TikTok’ hearts. Michael’s entertaining and spirited videos have provided a source of amusement for many of his viewers. He frequently displays his headwear collection. In the majority of his videos, Michael displays his headwear or six-pack abs. In one of his recordings, he was heard ranting against his ex-girlfriend and disgusted by her infidelity.

Michael advised his fans to choose marijuana over a girl in order to live a peaceful existence. Michael frequently exhorts his followers to “Stay True, Stay You.” Michael also operates the Facebook page ‘Team Clouds,’ which is dedicated exclusively to his fans. He has a YouTube channel but has not yet begun vlogging. Currently, he uploads his ‘TikTok’ videos to the channel.

Michael’s Personal Facts

Michael Vasquez was born in Modesto, Stanislaus County, California, on April 14, 1996. Both he and his junior brother grew up together. He has never truly disclosed anything about his personal relationship. Michael’s ‘Instagram’ posts depicted a girl with whom he appeared to have a close relationship. Many believe that the mysterious woman in the ‘Instagram’ photos was his fiancée. The relationship ended because the woman became expectant and Michael was hesitant to take on such a large responsibility.

However, Michael’s side has never confirmed anything. Michael stunned his followers by posting a photo of an infant on Instagram and referring to the infant as his princess. After that, Michael continued to post photographs of the child with heartfelt captions for several months. In one of these posts, Michael mentioned the baby’s name as ‘Avery.’ Michael never mentioned his daughter’s mother despite posting images of his daughter.

Estimated Net Worth

Michael is among the wealthiest Instagram celebrities in the United States. Michael Vasquez has a net worth of $5 million, according to our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.