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Michael Kenji Shinoda, more commonly referred to as Mike Shinoda in the American rock band scene, is an American musician, singer, rapper, keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter, and record producer. He is best known as the co-founder of Linkin Park, a popular American rock band. Shinoda originally formed the band with schoolmate Brad Delson under the moniker ‘Xero’; however, after earning a college degree in graphic design and illustration and working side by side to put the band together properly, the band was renamed ‘Linkin Park’—its self-titled debut album, ‘Hybrid Theory,’ was released in 2002. Shinoda initially focused on the technical aspects of the band and its production processes, but later expanded his role by providing vocals, rapping, and actively contributing to the album’s artwork. ‘Fort Minor’ is another of Shinoda’s solo projects, which he began to fulfill his desire to create hip-hop music. He is a gifted artist with an innate ability for artwork and design, and his work has been featured in two public exhibitions—one in America and another in Japan. Shinoda established the ‘Michael K. Shinoda Endowed Scholarship’ at Art Center College of Design to assist future illustrators and graphic designers. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need and creative credentials.

Childhood & Adolescence

Mike Shinoda was born in Los Angeles to a father who was Japanese-American and a mother who was European. He was raised in the Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills.

His mother desired that he study classical music, which is why he has been taking professional piano lessons since he was six years old. By the time he reached the age of adolescence, he desired to play jazz, blues, and hip-hop.

Along with future Linkin Park bandmates Brad Delson and Rob Bourdon, he attended Agoura High School. Shinoda attended Art Center College of Design after graduating from high school to study graphic design and illustration.

Following graduation, Shinoda found work as a graphic designer while continuing to work on his band, ‘Xero.’ Due to the band’s lack of a singer, Jeff Blue was summoned from Arizona and the band was renamed ‘Linkin Park.’

Career of Mike

With the release of the band’s first album, ‘Hybrid Theory,’ in 2000, Shinoda became involved in the technical aspects of the band and the early albums.

In the United States alone, the album sold over ten million copies. Shinoda directed, structured, and oversaw the entire creative process for Linkin Park’s 2002 remix album, ‘Reanimation.’ The album aided in the growth of many underground hip hop artists featured on it.

Shinoda continued to grow as a musician and studio engineer with the release of the band’s second album, ‘Meteora’ in 2003. He also collaborated on the album’s artwork with graffiti artist DELTA, graphic designer Frank Maddocks, and Joe Hahn.

In 2004, Linkin Park released ‘Collision Course,’ a mash-up of their songs with Jay-Z. Shinoda produced and mixed the album, which earned a Grammy nomination for ‘best rap/song collaboration’.

Shinoda’s first public art show, ‘Diamonds Spades Hearts & Clubs,’ showcased his artistic and graphic abilities in 2004. It included a series of ten paintings that became the artwork for ‘The Rising Tied.’

While working with Linkin Park, he formed the hip-hop side project ‘Fort Minor’ and released the album ‘The Rising Tied’ in 2005. Its chart-topping single ‘Where’d You Go’ peaked at No. 4 on the Hot 100.

He contributed vocals to songs such as ‘Bleed It Out’, ‘Hands Held High’, and ‘In between’ on Linkin Park’s ‘Minutes to Midnight (2007)’. He was ranked 72nd on ‘Hit Parader’s’ list of the Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time.

Shinoda’s next public art exhibition, ‘Glorious Excess (BORN),’ opened in 2009 at Los Angeles’ Japanese American National Museum. The exhibition featured nine new works, as well as a limited-edition signing on opening night.

Shinoda’s most recent work includes the production of Likin Parks’ latest albums, ‘A Thousand Suns (2010)’—which he co-produced with Rick Rubin—’Living Things (2012)’ and ‘Recharged (2013)’—which includes a remix of ‘Living Things’ and the single ‘A Light That Never Comes (2014).

Significant Works of Mike

Shinoda is a multifaceted artist best known for his work as the rapper, guitarist, keyboardist, and producer for the American rock band Linkin Park. In 2007, his vocals on ‘Minutes to Midnight’ cemented his reputation as a vocalist.

Awards and Accomplishments

Apart from winning two Grammy Awards for Linkin Park’s ‘Crawling’ and ‘Numb/Encore’ singles, Shinoda received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters (L.H.D) from Art Center College Of Design and the EWP Visionary Award in 2010.

Personal History and Legacies

In 2003, Shinoda married Anna Hillinger. The couple has two children together, with Otis Akio Shinoda as their eldest son.

Estimated Net Worth

Mike Shinoda is a musician, record producer, and artist from the United States with a net worth of $65 million. Mike Shinoda is best known as a member of Linkin Park, an alternative rock band.

The band has sold over 70 million albums worldwide to date. Mike is responsible for the majority of the band’s album artwork. They were arguably the 2000s’ most popular rock band. In 2004, he also founded a hip hop side project called Fort Minor.

Additionally, Shinoda co-founded Machine Shop Records and released his self-titled debut album, “Post Traumatic,” in 2018.


Shinoda began writing for ‘The Big Issues’ in 2012 as a correspondent covering the 2012 US presidential election.
In 2006, he was presented with the Japanese American National Museum’s Award of Excellence.
Shinoda and Brad Delson created the mash-up track ‘Numb/Encore’ and ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles, which was performed live at the 2006 Grammy Awards by Jay-Z, Linkin Park, and Paul McCartney.

His hip-hop project ‘Fort Minor’ won the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards for ‘Best Ringtone’ and was featured in the films and television shows ‘Entourage’, ‘Boston Legal’, ‘Gridiron Gang’, ‘Freedom Writers’, ‘Friday Night Lights (TV)’, ‘The Karate Kid’, and ‘Numbers’.

His wife is a children’s book author.
He resides in the Beverly Hills area of California.