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Updated On May 5, 2023

A popular Russian “YouTube” personality known for her vlogs and beauty-related content is Milana Coco. Two English “YouTube” channels are owned by Milana. While one of them is her main channel, the other showcases her vlogs. She also has a different channel that is only intended for Russian viewers. The “Don’t Judge Me Challenge” series is Milana’s most well-liked video content to date. A large portion of the attractive vlogger’s viewers faithfully follow her self-care advice, and she is frequently praised for her flawless complexion and glossy locks. She has over 93,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her striking photos, which have given her a boost in popularity.

Fame on social media

When Milana was very young, she started to become interested in “YouTube.” She saw a lot of “YouTube” videos, particularly those made by vloggers who focused on beauty. She was inspired by them and decided to use the platform to display her artistic talent. In 2013, Milana made her first YouTube channel, although it was only for the purpose of following her favorite YouTubers.

She didn’t upload anything to her channel for two years. Instead, she used that time in acquiring the necessary skills to become a “YouTuber.” In April 2015, she published her debut video. Milana mostly focuses on articles on fashion and beauty. She posts shopping hauls, skin and hair care advice, beauty tutorials, and other related content on her channel. Her first few videos were more akin to vlogs.

Later, to diversify her content and make her films more entertaining, she included story times, challenges, pranks, and reactions. However, the emphasis on beauty and fashion remained constant throughout her videos. The majority of her videos, like “100 Layers of Crayola” and “Kylie Lip Kit,” have a makeup-related subject. She ultimately reviews the products in these films and demonstrates how long they might endure.

The “Don’t Judge Me Challenge” series, in which Milana expresses her opinions on various types of “YouTube” videos, is her most popular video series.

Milana won her first play button from “YouTube” on January 21, 2016, for achieving 100,000 subscribers. She shared her first significant accomplishment as a “YouTuber” with her followers by sharing a photo of her award on her Instagram account. She now has more than one million subscribers to her main YouTube channel.

Milana launched her vlog channel in 2014. It provided a forum for her to inform her admirers about personal developments. She has a third “YouTube” channel that is only for her Russian followers.

The name of a follower Milana has chosen is announced at the start of each video. She has increased the number of channel subscribers as a result of this.

Milana is also very active on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, which both have a ton of pictures and videos of her on them. She is attempting to enter the “TikTok” (formerly known as market as well, but she questions whether it is the best platform for her. She believes she lacks the grace necessary to be a “muser.”

Coco’s Individual Life

On October 21, 1995, Milana Coco was born in Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia-Alania, Russia. She and her family relocated to Toronto, Canada, when she was ten years old. Her two older brothers are men.

Currently, Milana is seeing a Russian man who has appeared in several of her videos. Milana adores automobiles, particularly those in the luxury sports category. One of the reasons she gets along well with her partner is that he is also a car enthusiast. She was spotted operating her cherished Mercedes Benz C43 AMG in one of her films.

Milana, a dog enthusiast, recently acquired an adorable Chihuahua named Candy for Christmas 2016. She recorded a special introduction video for her tiny pet in which she also offers some advice on caring for pets.

Leonardo DiCaprio is Milana’s all-time favorite performer. He was also her very first celebrity crush. She enjoys Drake’s music a much.

Milana’s biggest pet peeve is hearing someone chew food loudly. She adores “Nutella” doughnuts and sushi. Milana is a makeup addict who owns a ton of different brands of goods. “Makeup Forever” is her preferred manufacturer.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Milana. Milana Coco has a $5 million net worth, per our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.