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Young Scottish actor Millie Innes is best known for playing Maisy in the sitcom “Dani’s House.” She was interested in acting since she was 2 years old. She was born into a British household in Glasgow, Scotland. At a very young age, she joined the “Glasgow Academy of Musical Theatre Arts.” She landed her first career role in the 2010 drama “Single Father,” playing the character “Evie,” at the tender age of 9. Although the drama received mixed reviews, its performances were praised. She was cast in a significant part in the 2011 television series “Dani’s House,” playing the character “Maisy.” She then had an appearance in the popular criminal drama TV series “Case Histories.” She landed the first major part of her acting career in the 2014 sitcom “Millie Inbetween,” in which she played the title character, “Millie.” There have been four seasons of the show. She was a nominee for the 2017 “British Academy Children’s Award.”

Childhood of Millie Innes

On October 5, 2000, Millie Innes was born to British parents Julia and Campbell Innes in Glasgow, Scotland. Murray is her younger brother’s name. Since she was two years old, she had a keen interest in the performing arts. She was so passionate about dancing that she begged her father to construct a separate area in her home where she could hone her abilities. In her bedroom, her father constructed a small wooden stage.

Since she was a very small child, Millie has been performing. The “Glasgow Academy of Musical Theatre Arts” was where she was enrolled. When she was still in primary school, she began performing professionally. She ultimately won prominent parts on “CBeebies” programs including “Nina and the Neurons” and “Me Too!”

The “Tracy Beaker” show was a favorite of Millie’s, and she frequently watched it over and over. Millie told her mother that she wanted to be on a show like that someday, according to her mother’s memory. This intense desire propelled her to numerous auditions, and it didn’t take long for Millie’s confidence to transfer into a significant TV job.

Career of Millie Innes

In the four-part television drama “Single Father” in 2010, Millie, then 9 years old, received her first acting gig. It was created by “BBC” and told the tale of a father who was left to care for his small daughter alone after his wife died in a car accident. In the series, Millie portrayed the daughter. Mixed reviews were given to it. However, the performances received a lot of praise.

The next year, Millie was cast in a significant role in the kid-friendly comedy-drama series “Dani’s House.” In the series, Millie played the important supporting character “Maisy.” The show was well-received by critics and was nominated for multiple “BAFTA” awards.

In 2011, Millie made an appearance in “Case Histories,” a British crime drama that was adapted from a well-known book series of the same name. One of the series’ most significant roles was played by Millie as “Marlee Brodie.” Both critically and financially successful, the series. One of the best young performers working today, Millie was associated with multiple popular programs at such a young age in her career.

She appeared as “Fiona” in a cameo appearance on “Dani’s Castle” in 2013. She received the largest acting part of her acting career in 2014. The lead character of the British sitcom “Millie Inbetween” was to be played by her. As “Millie McDonald,” Millie portrayed a young woman with divorced parents. She and her sister, “Lauren,” alternately reside with each of their parents in the television series. However, when their parents begin their respective new relationships, conflict begins to brew.

Millie made an appearance as herself in the documentary “Newsround: Being Me” in 2015, and the same year, she also made an appearance as herself on the program “Hacker Time.” She had two appearances on game shows in the following few years: “Ultimate Brain” and “Top Class.”

Individual Life of Millie Innes

Millie Innes is a stickler for detail. She dislikes seeing herself on camera because she thinks it will make her excessively critical of herself.
Her favorite nation is Japan, which she intends to visit in the future.

Millie Innes’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known child actors is Millie Innes. According to our research, Millie Innes has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.