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The renowned American YouTuber Mindy McKnight rose to fame and became well-known after her ‘Cute Girls Hairstyles’ channel was introduced in 2009. Shaun, Mindy’s husband, gave her the idea to film videos of the various hairstyles she described in her blogs and uploaded to YouTube. Over time, Mindy’s YouTube channel started to gain massive amounts of followers, and as of right now, it has more than 3 million subscribers. M-Star Media Inc. was founded by Mindy and Shaun McKnight to create and manage digital content. On well-known TV programs like “Good Morning America,” “ABC News 20/20,” and “Anderson Live,” Mindy was invited to discuss her opinions on hairstyles and share them on social media platforms. On YouTube, she was previously chosen as one of the “Top 25 women.” In addition, Mindy has a lengthy history of membership in “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.” With her husband, four of her own daughters, and two adoptive children, she currently resides in Texas.

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Mindy McKnight’s Career

The ‘waterspout’ haircuts that Mindy’s 1-and-a-half-year-old twin children, Bailey and Brooklyn, wore in 2001 have been acknowledged by her on her official website (www.cutegirlshairstyles.com). She was inspired to try out a variety of contemporary hairstyles after becoming frustrated with her twin girls’ boring hairstyles. This gave her the idea to start the YouTube channel “Cute Girls Hairstyles” in 2009.

She took pictures of every hairdo the kids tried as they grew older, put the pictures in a photo album, and set the album next to the bathroom sink. As she gave birth to her two kids, more photos were added to the album. When the older twins began going to school, Mindy observed that they made it a point to look through the folder and choose a particular haircut for each day. Mindy’s acquaintances began expressing an odd interest in the hairstyles and enquired about her explanations.

She eventually started blogging about various haircuts and even posted photographs to support the text. Shaun, her husband, encouraged her to post videos in which she could be seen doing their girls’ hair as her blog gained popularity. They soon began posting the videos to YouTube, and after a few months had passed, Mindy received an invitation from the site to start a new channel.

Following careful consideration, Mindy and Shawn presented the “Cute Girls Hairstyles” channel in 2009, which as of June 2017 has more than 5 million members. While Mindy handles the video production, her husband is in charge of the channel’s technical administration.

Every Sunday, a new video is posted, and the videos typically feature family, fashion, beauty, and DIY vlogs. For other well-known websites like Google, Subaru, and IHC, she also produces and distributes material. Additionally, she collaborates with Disney IMG to provide video material only for the Disney network of websites.

Mindy’s Individual Life

On June 24, 1979, Mindy McKnight was born in Utah. Brigham Young University, a for-profit research institution located in Provo, Utah, is where she obtained her B.A. She is wed, and her spouse is named Shaun. Brooklyn, Bailey, Kamri, and Rylan are the four daughters that the couple collectively possesses. Additionally, they have two adopted kids, Daxton and Paisley. She moved to Allen in Texas from Lehi, Utah, where she had previously lived with her family.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest American YouTube stars is Mindy. According to our analysis of data from sources including Business Insider, Forbes, and Wikipedia, Mindy McKnight is worth $5 million.