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Missy Rothstein is an American model best known for being the ex-wife of stuntman and professional skateboarder Bam Margera. She has additionally made a few cameos in motion pictures, TV shows, and reality competitions. Along with her ex-husband, Rothstein took part in the reality series “Bam’s Unholy Union” on MTV. She has also had an appearance on the reality television program “Viva La Bam.” The American actress and model has also appeared in “Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa” and the indie comedy “Haggard: The Movie.” The Jackass actor’s ex-wife has also completed numerous photography projects. Her current net worth is thought to be close to $1 million. Rothstein is a highly private person on a personal level. She doesn’t enjoy being in front of the media so much. She is not active on any social networking sites because of her private character.

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The career of Missy Rothstein

The first film in which Missy Rothstein appeared was “Haggard: The Movie,” an independent comedy from 2003. She made multiple cameo appearances in the reality television program “Viva La Bam” two years later. After that, she and her then-husband appeared in the MTV reality series “Bam’s Unholy Union.” Rothstein was even asked by “Playboy” magazine to take nude photos with her then-husband while the show was being filmed.

She was then hired for 2008 original “Bam Margera Presents: Where there is Santa” movie. She appeared in a rock band called CKY music video a year later. Recently, Rothstein hasn’t appeared in any movies, reality shows, or TV shows. She appears to be preoccupied with her other projects.

Individual Life of Missy Rothstein

Marian Rothstein gave birth to Missy Rothstein on June 3, 1980, in Springfield, Pennsylvania, in the United States. She met her future husband Bam Margera while attending West Chester East High School. She later earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Penn State University after graduating from there.

When Rothstein wed Bam in 2007, she became the respective daughter-in-law of reality TV personalities April Margera and Phil Margera as well as the sister-in-law of musician Jess Margera. After dating Bam for a while, Rothstein divorced him in 2012. Well, the public is still unaware of the cause behind their divorce. However, it was allegedly said that the American model had divorced her husband because she had grown tired of his drinking.

Rothstein, who has a sizable following across the nation, is not currently active on any well-known social networking sites. But her supporters hope that one day she’ll want to communicate with them!

Estimated Net Worth

Missy Rothstein reportedly has a $1 million net worth. Her primary sources of income are modeling and photography. She earns about $ 59 thousand from photography, and she receives an average modeling pay of about $42,000. She donated some money to various philanthropic organizations in addition to spending it on her opulent lifestyle. Bam, her spouse, is thought to be worth $50 million. She also puts a lot of effort into increasing her income, thus it is anticipated that her net worth will rise over the coming years.