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Miyuki Sawashiro, affectionately known as Miyukicchi, is a Japanese voice actress with a long and illustrious career that has earned her prestigious roles in movies, anime series, and video games. Her notable works include the anime series ‘Psycho Pass’, ‘K’, ‘Angel Beats’, and ‘Sword Art Online’. In addition to being a voice actor, she has also been dubbed for “Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight,” “My Little Pony,” and “Over the Garden Wall.” Swashiro is best known for providing the voice of Kiva La in the Kamen Rider franchise. She is also actively engaged in dubbing international Hollywood hits like ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ for the Japanese market. Her popularity earned her numerous honors, including three Seiyuu Awards. She continues to be an accomplished voice actor who has found her niche in the entertainment industry. Currently, she is represented by Aoni Production.

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Miyuki Sawashiro’s Career

Sawashiro began her career in 1999 with the manga and anime series ‘Di Gi Charat’ by Koge-Donbo, in which she portrayed Puchiko. She received her initial training at the vocational institute of Mausu Promotion, as she was inexperienced at the time. She joined Theater Gekindango to enhance her career by learning stage acting.

Due to the fact that Sawashiro could converse in Japanese and English, she had the upper hand in the majority of her auditions and consequently obtained numerous roles. While the majority of her performances were primarily focused on TV animation, Swashiro eventually expanded into video games, theatrical animation, and dubbing for international success.

Mint Blancmanche in ‘Galaxy Angel,’ Shinku in ‘Rozen Maiden,’ Lag Seeing in ‘Letter Bee,’ Carl Clover in the ‘Blazblue series, Perrine H. Clostermann in ‘Strike Witches,’ and Cammy White in ‘Street Fighter IV’ are among her most prominent voice roles. In ‘Kamen Rider Decade’ and ‘Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight,’ Kawashiro provided the voices for Kiva La and Kase in the wildly popular Kamen Rider franchise. In addition to these Japanese films, her voice has also appeared in internationally acclaimed films.

She would provide the voices for Irene Adler in the “Sherlock Holmes” films, Rita Repulsa in “Power Rangers,” Dr. June Moone in “Suicide Squad,” and Valkyrie in “Thor: Ragnarok.” In 2016, she provided the voice for Arma in the Death Note: Light Up the New World live-action film.

In 2017, she provided the voice of Sergeant Laureline in the dubbed 3D space opera “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.” She will appear in ‘GeGeGe no Kitar,’ ‘Devils’ Line,’ and ‘Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku’ in 2018.

Her multifaceted performances have garnered her numerous accolades. She won the Seiyuu Awards for Best Leading Actress, Overseas Fans’ Choice, and Best Supporting Actress in 2009, 2010, and 2014, respectively. In 2016, she was rated fourth on Charpedia’s list of the most popular Josei Seiyuu (Voice Actress). In 2016, she ranked first in the Female Seiyuu category of the Web Newtype Anime Award.

She continues to provide the voices of many of Japan’s most adored female characters. Even though Sawashiro works behind the camera, her admirers frequently seek her out. Sawashiro’s popularity in contemporary entertainment has been assured by her uncontested success and lengthy career in the voice-over industry.

Miyuki’s Personal Life

Miyuki Sawashiro was born in Tokyo on June 2, 1985. Chiharu Sawashiro, her younger sibling, is also a voice actor. Miyuki assisted her brother Chiharu in becoming a voice actor, as she had already received vocational instruction; her assistance ultimately changed Chiharu’s career trajectory. Miyuki Sawashiro has also stated that she is close with her family and that her parents are her closest companions.

She enjoys piano performances and shopping. Regarding her relationships, she announced on June 2, 2014, that she had registered her marriage. She did not reveal any information about her spouse, stating that he is not famous and does not work in the entertainment industry.

Sawashiro enrolled in an exchange program in Pennsylvania, where she learned to speak English fluently. She frequently visits the United States and watches English musicals in her leisure time to continue learning the language.

Estimated Net Worth

Miyuki Sawashiro is one of the wealthiest and most renowned voice actresses in the world. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Miyuki Sawashiro has a $5 million net worth.