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Mary Kate Cooper, known on social media as MK Cooper, is a Musical.ly (now known as TikTok), YouTube, and Instagram celebrity. She is affectionately referred to as “MK” by millions of fans. Her incredible dance and lip-sync videos on her channel have garnered her over a million fans. MK comes from a family of YouTube celebrities. David Cooper, her deceased brother, was also a YouTube personality. Annie LeBlanc, another YouTube celebrity, is a cousin of Cooper. MK has posted videos on LeBlanc family-created channels such as ‘The Arrow Faction,’ ‘TruthPlusDare,’ and ‘OMMyGoshTV’ She is also a member of the popular Bratayley YouTube channel and blog site.

Her YouTube Profession

MK originally surfaced on YouTube after the members of ‘Bratayley’ uploaded a tribute video to David Cooper. A year later, in 2014, the Cooper family produced and posted a documentary on David’s youth on ‘Bratayley’. MK was also included in the video in which she and her brother are shown having fun as children.

In March 2015, MK began actively on social media. She began by uploading self-introduction videos to ‘Bratayley’ and other such channels. Then, she began uploading her dancing videos to the renowned music platform TikTok.

Her dedication to dance was evident in her videos. Millions of viewers were captivated by MK’s impressive and beautiful dance routines.

Her mother manages MK’s YouTube channel and also edits her videos. MK has planned her videos, unlike other YouTube stars. On Mondays and Fridays, she uploads an arbitrary bonus video. She posts videos on Tuesdays based on her life tales, recollections, and experiences.

These videos occasionally show MK’s family members. She posts videos on Wednesdays under the heading “Want to Know Wednesdays!” Through these videos, MK connects with her fans by responding to their queries. Fans can ask any question that begins with the words “I Want to Know.” Occasionally, MK turns the tables on her admirers by posing questions, resulting in an engaging conversation.

Saturdays find MK uploading videos to the TruthPlusDare YouTube channel, which is also controlled by her family. She edits the films, makes the required modifications, and then reposts them on her own channel.

These films are essentially a performance of the popular game “Truth or Dare?” On Sundays, she broadcasts films in which she discusses her boyfriend, family, and friends, revealing details about her personal life. MK frequently appears alongside her cousin Annie LeBlanc, an avid ‘Bratayley’ member.

MK has just begun uploading videos containing makeup tips, fashion hauls, and product reviews. She has even produced films on proper nutrition, skincare, and hair care. MK enjoys craftwork and artwork, thus he also posts videos on these topics.

Her DIY films and flicks on repurposing waste items are quite inventive and entertaining to watch. MK has also begun uploading reaction videos in which she reacts to YouTube videos. She even uploaded a video in which she responded to one of her own TikTok films.

Her YouTube-famous boyfriend, Chase Hudson, has appeared in a number of her videos. They have shared a number of videos on TikTok with them dancing together. They are both extremely open about their relationship and have even posted films answering questions about dating.

MK has made films about her brother David on his birth and death anniversaries since joining YouTube. She frequently expresses her love and affection for him and expresses how much she misses him. In addition, she inserts a memorial address in each of her videos.

Cooper’s Personal Life

MK was born in Webster, Texas, on January 7, 2002. She is the youngest of her siblings and was raised alongside them. Danielle is her older sister, and her brother, David, who was two years older than MK and with whom he enjoyed a friendly relationship until his death in 2013; Their mother stated that he died of natural causes after battling illness.

Later, though, the forensics division verified that he had committed suicide. The unknown is the cause of his extraordinary action. MK describes David, her brother, as a superhero. She views him as a source of motivation and the reason for her success.

Estimated Net Worth

MK is one of the wealthiest and most popular YouTube celebrities. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, MK Cooper has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.