Mohammed Zahir Shah

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Mohammed Zahir Shah was the King of Afghanistan from 1933 to 1973, and during his reign, he revolutionized the country in a variety of ways, earning him the title of “tallest person in Afghan history.” Mohammad Zahir Shah was educated in both his home Kabul and France, and he served as a diplomatic ambassador for his country in France when he was a youngster. After returning to Afghanistan, he worked in several administrative positions before becoming King in 1933, when he was only 19 years old, following his father’s killing. Shah demonstrated his ability as a ruler by allowing others with more expertise to administer the country until he gained enough experience, and then took complete control of the country in 1963. He ushers in a new period of democratic republic establishes a parliament and works tirelessly to ensure the country’s progress. Shah sought to modernize Afghanistan from the beginning of his reign as monarch, but his government was ousted in 1973, and he spent nearly three decades in exile. He did, however, return to Afghanistan after the Taliban were deposed and assisted in the establishment of a democratic government.

Childhood and Adolescence

Mohammed Zahir Shah was born on October 15, 1914, in Kabul, Afghanistan, to Mohammad Nadir Shah and Mah Parwar Begum. Shah’s family was from Afghanistan’s Barakzai royal line, and his father was the Afghan Army’s commander during Amanullah Khan’s rule.

Mohammad Zahir Shah received his early education at Kabul’s Habibia High School, where he was segregated because he was a prince, and then continued his studies in France, where he was dispatched as a diplomatic ambassador. He began his studies at the Pasteur Institute before transferring to the University of Montpellier.

When Zahir Shah returned to Afghanistan as a teenager, he assisted his father and family members in their efforts to keep the country from spiraling out of control during the 1920s, when lawlessness was rampant. During that time, Shah was both the education minister and the war minister’s deputy.

Mohammed Zahir’s Career

Following the killing of his father, Mohammad Nadir Shah, in 1933, Mohammad Zahir Shah, then 19 years old, became King of Afghanistan. Shah, on the other hand, did not play an active role in the country’s governance, instead of playing a supporting role. His uncles, Mohammad Hashim Khan, and Shah Mahmud Khan were the rulers of the nation.

During his reign as king, Mohammad Zahir Shah was instrumental in modernizing Afghanistan, and the country was admitted to the League of Nations in 1934. A few years later, the government inked foreign aid agreements with countries such as Germany, Japan, and Italy. He also sent men, weapons, and money to support the Uighur and Kirghiz insurgents in Turkestan, but the revolt was subdued.

Mohammad Zahir Shah was a modernist who used foreign advisors after the Second World War to usher in a modern Afghanistan. Zahir Shah decided to become Afghanistan’s primary ruler in 1963, and the following year he was helpful in the adoption of the new constitution. The constitution established a constitutional monarchy, created a parliament, and instituted elections.

During Zahir Shah’s reign, Afghanistan adopted a neutral stance in international politics, and despite his efforts to reenergize the country through reforms, little progress was made economically.

When his cousin Mohammad Daoud Khan was in Italy for eye surgery in 1973, he ousted Zahir Shah’s administration and installed a new conservative government. Mohammed Zahir Shah lived in exile in Italy for 29 years.

After the Taliban leadership was deposed in 2002, Zahir Shah returned to Afghanistan and assisted in the formation of the ‘Loya Jirga,’ a provisional assembly. Despite calls for a return to monarchy, Hamid Karzai was elected president of Afghanistan, and Zahir Shah did not rise to the challenge. He became a widely revered figure in Afghanistan during his later years.

His Major Projects

Mohammed Zahir Shah attempted to modernize Afghanistan and make it a democratic country. He drafted a new constitution for Afghanistan, which included free elections, civic liberties, women’s rights, and universal suffrage.

Achievements and Awards

He has bestowed the title of “Father of the Nation” in 2002.

Personal History and Legacy

On November 7, 1931, Mohammed Zahir Shaw married Humaira Begum, his first cousin. Seven sons and two girls were born into the marriage.

At the age of 92, Mohammad Zahir Shah died in his Kabul home on July 23, 2007. He had been sick for quite some time.

Estimated Net worth

Mohammed Zahir Shah has an estimated net worth of $ USD 3 million and earns his living as a politician. We don’t have enough information about Mohammed Zahir Shah’s cars or lifestyle.