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Los Angeles, California

James Brolin, an actor, and his ex-wife Jan Smithers have a daughter, Molly Elizabeth Brolin, who works as an associate producer and art director. Molly has served as a production assistant on numerous high-profile Hollywood movies and television programs. The ‘Wild Project’ theater in New York hosted the world premiere of a stage play she directed. Despite their divorce, Molly stays in touch with both of her parents. She also gets along well with her stepmother, the performer and entertainer Barbra Streisand. Molly has collaborated with Jess Brolin, her half-brother.

The Career of Molly Elizabeth Brolin

Successful producer Molly. She made her acting debut in the 2011 short film “Royal Reunion” as one of the production assistants. She was one of the production helpers for the action-comedy “Men in Black 3” the year after that. She also served as an assistant producer for the television documentary “John Mulaney: New in Town” that same year.

Molly began working on stage production in 2013. Molly and Justin Johnson, another ‘Berklee’ student, soon relocated to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. While working in a stockroom in SoHo, Manhattan, Johnson had a riveting encounter. When he told Molly about his strange experience, she immediately thought of writing a play on it. The outcome was ‘Smile Swamp Princess,’ a rock opera that performer Megan Lui and Molly’s niece Eden Brolin both contributed to the composition and direction of. As the creative director, Molly put a lot of emphasis on the intricate details of the costumes and props. In order to undertake extensive study, she and Justin traveled to the Atchafalaya Basin, a 150-mile-long swamp outside of Baton Rouge, the state capital of the US state of Louisiana. The ‘Wild

Project’ theater in New York’s East Village hosted the stage play’s world debut.
Molly contributed as an assistant producer on the 2018 Hallmark Channel television movie “Royal Hearts.” The movie’s director and star was her father. 2018’s “Shadow of a Gun” included Molly as a guest.

Individual Life of Molly Elizabeth Brolin

On November 28, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, United States, Molly was born. She is the daughter of retired film and television actor Jan Smithers and actor, producer, and director James Brolin. In 1986, Molly’s parents got hitched. Jan put her acting career on hold while she was expecting Molly. Jan gave her daughter Molly her undivided attention after she was born. But James had to travel a lot for his job. Because of this, Molly’s parents developed a split, and in 1995, they decided to be divorced. Jan and Molly relocated to a calm rural area because Jan needed a break from the tension. Molly, though, has consistently maintained contact with both of her parents. Jan visited India while she was a high school student and became spiritual.

Born to James and his first wife, Jane Cameron Agee, Molly is the stepdaughter of American singer, songwriter, actor, and filmmaker Barbra Streisand and the younger half-sister of producer Jess Brolin.
‘Berklee College of Music,’ which is in Boston, Massachusetts, produced Molly.

Estimated Net Worth of Molly Elizabeth Brolin

The estimated net worth of Molly Elizabeth Brolin is around $1 million.