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Momma Dee is a well-known American vocalist, actor, and reality television personality. She is best known for her role on the popular VH1 reality program Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In the past, Momma Dee was also implicated in sex trafficking and drug distribution. Her turbulent upbringing has apparently made her a harsh and emotionless woman, but she is actually a loving and protective mother. She has repeatedly demonstrated her maternal affection for her children, shielding them from the ills of the world. Momma Dee has also appeared in several films and released several singles. As of now, she is a designer in the fashion industry. She has also published her autobiography.

Birth and Early Years

Momma Dee was born Deborah Gaither in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, on September 21, 1963. Momma Dee was diagnosed with spinal meningitis just three days after her birth. She remained in the infirmary for the next six months. Momma Dee endured an abusive upbringing.

Her stepfather frequently assaulted her, and her mother permitted it. Georgia schools ‘Turner County’ and ‘Decatur High School’ were attended by Momma Dee. Several suicide attempts occurred during her high school years. Georgia State University awarded her with an associate’s degree in nursing.

Momma Dee’s Career

Momma Dee has held numerous occupations throughout her lifetime. When she was very young, she began drug dealing to provide for her family. Additionally, she has worked in the hospitality industry as a nurse. She performed in nightclubs when her son was young.

Momma Dee will go to any lengths to provide for her family in every way possible. In 1993, after being confined to a wheelchair for three years due to an accident, she became a prostitute. Sir Charles, an elder pimp, served as her mentor. Momma Dee figured out how to make a decent living in the sex trade. She began the business in her boudoir, which she later converted into a brothel.

She managed this brothel under the alias “Lady Dee” for a decade. Soon after, she became interested in fashion. She devised the attire and accessories for the girls in her brothel, as well as a daily dress code. Momma Dee also worked as a model for a time.

Momma Dee made her television début in 2012 with the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. As a result of the show’s success, she became a celebrity. In 2015, she also appeared in the second season of the program. Momma Dee also released hit recordings such as ‘I Deserve’ and ‘In That Order’ in the music industry. ‘I Deserve’ was dedicated to Momma Dee’s challenging upbringing, while ‘In That Order’ featured her cousin, the prominent American hip-hop recording artist Yung Joc.

Momma Dee made her acting debut in the 2016 film The Products of the American Ghetto. She portrayed a prostitute in the movie. In the same year, she portrayed the protagonist’s mother in the drama ‘About Justin,’ a spin-off of the LGBT web series ‘About Him’ Momma Dee has appeared in a few more films, including ‘My Side Piece Hit the Lottery’ and ‘Rocko Presents Food.’

Momma’s Other Ventures

The autobiography ‘The Making of a Queen: And In That Order’ by Momma Dee details her life’s struggles and tribulations. The book also illuminates her existence as a brothel proprietor. She has also worked as a fashion designer and has a clothing line called “Momma Dee’s Queen Collection.” This collection features a vintage assortment of exclusive A-line dresses, plus-size dresses, and ballroom ensembles.

Momma Dee’s Controversies

Momma Dee has been at the center of numerous controversies. One of them originated from her argument with Erica, the girlfriend of her son. Momma Dee initially had no issues with Erica, but over time she developed insecurity toward her. She feared Erica would ruin her relationship with her son. Momma Dee’s insecurity grew as Erica became expectant.

In Milwaukee, Momma Dee was once accused of not paying a $500 restaurant bill. She was detained for a few hours and fined $250 in lieu of bond. The district attorney’s office in Milwaukee County eventually dismissed the case for lack of evidence.

Momma’s Personal Life

24 May 1996: Momma Dee married Ernest Bryant. The ceremony took place a week before the birth of her son, the famous rapper Lil Scrappy. Ernest’s mother did not want her grandchild to be called “illicit,” which was one of the justifications for the wedding. Momma Dee also has a daughter, Jasmine Brown.

Several years later, Mother Dee divorced Ernest. However, in 2015 they remarried. In the fourth season finale of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ the event was featured. Momma Dee was once rumored to be courting her much younger co-star on ‘VH1’, Brian McKee.

Momma Dee has had multiple cosmetic procedures to enhance her confidence and preserve her youthful appearance. Her surgical procedures include breast augmentation, a stomach tuck, Botox injections, dermal fillers, and a Brazilian butt lift. She spent nearly $30,000 to achieve the ideal hourglass figure.

Estimated Net Worth

Momma Dee is a reality television personality and mother with a net worth of $250,000 in the United States. Deborah Gaither was born in 1963 and has acquired the majority of her net worth as a cast member of the Vh1 reality television hit Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.