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Popular muser Most Hated Kylah is known for her username mosthatedkylah (formerly TikTok), She has gathered more than 200,000 fans on the TikTok in a short period of time. Kylah frequently performs lip syncs to hit songs and dances to them in her TikTok videos. In some of her videos, she has also included her sisters and cousins. In September 2017, Kylah made the decision to join Instagram after achieving fame on TikTok. She hasn’t been on Instagram in a while despite sharing a few pictures. She focuses as much as she can on her schoolwork as a seventh-grade student at MacArthur Middle School. She resides in Maryland with her parents and younger siblings.

Increased Fame of Most Hated Kylah

Many teens and tweens have become minor superstars on social media sites in the age of new applications and websites. Kylah is one of those people who has achieved success on social media. She made the decision to sign up for the video-sharing app (now TikTok) using the username mosthatedkylah. She started by uploading clips of herself dancing to well-known tunes, which she initially shared with her friends and family. These, however, quickly gained popularity after receiving numerous shares. Like many other well-known musers, she also began lip-syncing to rap songs and posting the videos on her timeline. The lip-sync song she performs while singing along to Tokyo Vanity’s “That’s My Best Friend” is by far her most well-known. Kylah’s account gained popularity over time, and she now has more than 200,000 fans. Her loving, extended family is frequently a prominent part of her films. ‘Best of Dance’ lists and videos on YouTube frequently include her videos.

Kylah made the decision to sign up for Instagram in September 2017 in order to expand her online visibility. She first posted a few pictures and videos, but she hasn’t been particularly active since. She is a student right now, working hard to advance her education.

Individual Life of Most Hated Kylah

Most Abused Jami Noiel Kenney and Darien Kenney welcomed Kylah into the world on August 26, 2007, in the United States. Her younger sisters are two. Kylah attends MacArthur Middle School and is presently enrolled in classes. The family lives together in Maryland, United States, and they are quite close. She enjoys going out to watch baseball games with her father, dancing, and spending time with her family. She enjoys skating as well and takes lessons at the Laurel Skate Center. Kylah hasn’t disclosed any other details regarding her private life.

Estimated Net Worth of Most Hated Kylah

The estimated net worth of Most Hated Kylah is around $1 million.