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MunchingOrange is the alias of the well-known social media personality Eriel. On his YouTube channel, he produces content that pertains to the immensely renowned video game franchise known as ‘Pokémon.’ On his channel of the same name, he publishes guides, game stuff, and Pokémon news. His channel has amassed over 1.1 million subscribers in total. Additionally, he is well-known on Twitch, where he frequently broadcasts videos. Additionally, he has amassed over 31,000 followers on Instagram and over 95,000 followers on Twitter.

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Childhood and Career

Eriel Rivera was born in Puerto Rico on December 21, 1994, and spent his childhood there with his younger sibling. Social media usage began early in his life, and he launched his YouTube channel before the age of 14. His passion for the renowned ‘Pokémon’ video game series inspired him to publish instructional videos for different ‘Pokémon’ games, which were well received by other ‘Pokémon’ aficionados. He publishes a variety of video series, including ‘PokéMart,’ ‘TCG Openings,’ ‘Top 10s,’ and ‘Walkthroughs,’ among others. His channel has amassed over 1.1 million subscribers as of this moment.

His channel features numerous highly viewed videos, one of which is “Pokémon X and Y — Episode 1.” Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are Pokémon. Pokemon in black and white, “All Mega Evolutions of Pokémon X and Y with Locations and Statistics” and “How to Reach Navel Rock in Pokemon Emerald Without Using Cheats.”

Although he concentrates primarily on Pokémon-related videos, Additionally, MunchingOrange is well-known for its vlogs. ‘The MO Show,’ one of his vlog series, is extremely popular with his audience. In addition to publishing videos on YouTube, MunchingOrange maintains a substantial following of over 55,000 on platforms such as Twitch, where he broadcasts videos. Twitter and Instagram are two additional social media platforms where he enjoys a significant following. He has amassed over 31,000 followers on Instagram. His follower count on Twitter exceeds 95,000 individuals. Together with fellow YouTubers and enthusiasts, he frequently produces engaging content. In 2016, he collaborated with aDrive, an additional YouTuber, to produce a brand-new series entitled ‘Egglocke Cagelocke.’

Private Life and Family

The predominant activity MunchingOrange engages in is the widely acclaimed mobile game ‘Pokémon GO.’ He also enjoys playing other Nintendo titles, including “Super Mario Bros.” MunchingOrange, who was born in Puerto Rico, relocated to New York City, United States, during his youth. He subsequently relocated to Florida before establishing his family, including his mother and younger sister, in Chicago, Illinois. His mother is a close friend of his, and he frequently mentions her on Twitter. Additionally, he enjoys socializing with fellow YouTuber and acquaintance Luke Suliman.

Estimated Net Worth

MunchingOrange is one of the wealthiest American YouTube personalities. Our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicate that MunchingOrange has a $5 million net worth.