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Naomie Harris is an English actress who debuted in the 1987 children’s television series “Simon and the Witch” as a juvenile performer. She subsequently portrayed a variety of characters in films and television shows. She portrayed the renowned witch Tia Dalma in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean films, Eve Moneypenny in the acclaimed James Bond films ‘Spectre’ and ‘Skyfall,’ and Selena in ’28 Days Later’. Harris also played a pivotal role in the critically acclaimed film “Moonlight” and delivered an outstanding performance that garnered her multiple award nominations. The actress was raised by a single mother alongside her two half-siblings in a modest environment. She attended St Marylebone School and Woodhouse College before continuing her education at Pembroke College. She worked diligently from an early age to establish herself as an independent, successful professional in her chosen field. Harris was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2017 New Year’s Honors for her contributions to drama.

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Naomie Harris’s Career

Naomie Harris has appeared in films and on television since she was nine years old. In the television series ‘Simon and the Witch’, she played Joyce in 1987 and 1988. She portrayed Ami Jackson in the science-fiction series ‘The Tomorrow People from 1992 to 1995. During this period, the actress also starred in the children’s adventure series ‘Runaway Bay’. Then, in 2000, she appeared on stage in “The Witch of Edmonton.” She appeared in the film ’28 Days Later’ and four episodes of ‘White Teeth’ two years later.

In 2006, Harris was appointed as Tia Dalma in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.” In the same year, she starred in the crime drama ‘Miami Vice’. She reprised her role as Tia Dalma in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ a year later. In the years that followed, the English actress appeared in the TV films ‘Poppy Shakespeare,’ ‘Small Island,’ and ‘Blood and Oil,’ as well as the films ‘Street Kings,’ ‘Explicit Ills,’ ‘August,’ and ‘Ninja Assassin. In 2010, she was cast in the film ‘The First Grader’ as a result.

Next, she appeared on stage in the play ‘Frankenstein’. In 2012, Harris portrayed Eve Moneypenny in the James Bond film ‘Skyfall’; this brought her international recognition. The following year, she portrayed Winnie Mandela in the British-South African biographical film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013). Her most recent films are ‘Spectre’ (2015), ‘Moonlight’ (2016), and ‘Rampage’ (2018).

Naomie’s Personal Life

Naomie Harris was born to Lisselle Kayla on September 6, 1976, in London, England. Her mother was a screenwriter, while her father worked in the fashion industry. Naomie possesses a diverse ancestry. Her parents divorced prior to her birth. Her mother subsequently remarried and had two half-siblings. Harris attended St Marylebone School before enrolling at Woodhouse College.

In 1998, she received a degree in social and political sciences from Pembroke College. The actress then attended Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for training. Regarding her romantic history, she has previously dated Peter Legler and Chris Evans.

Estimated Net Worth

Naomie Harris is a British actress with a $4 million dollar net worth. Since 1987, she has been active in the entertainment industry, and she is best known for her roles in the films 28 Days Later (2002), Pirates of the Caribbean (2007), Skyfall (2012), and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013).