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Natalie Sawyer is a journalist and sports news presenter from the United Kingdom. Natalie has become one of the most accomplished women in the field of contemporary broadcast journalism. She has worked for Sky Sports News for more than a decade. Her name is now synonymous with the segment she has hosted for years, “Transfer Deadline Day.” 2018 marked the conclusion of her 18-year association with “Sky Sports.” Her departure sparked numerous inquiries within the media community and remains a mystery. Natalie, an avid supporter of “Brentford Football Club,” has participated in a number of the club’s campaigns.

Natalie Sawyer’s Career

Soon after graduating from college in 2002, Natalie began her career in journalism with the British sports channel Sky Sports News. She began as an intermediate production assistant. Her responsibilities included making and serving tea and coffee, retrieving scripts, and escorting visitors to the studio. She worked concurrently at the channel’s production studio. She soon began working on news tickers, a position she thoroughly enjoyed.

She also covered rugby contests for the “Rugby Union” department during this time period. Natalie used to work until unusual hours and sometimes on weekends. When she was asked to do a screen test for one of their ongoing programs, her efforts paid off. Natalie was chosen, and her voyage to becoming one of Sky’s most popular presenters commenced.

Natalie assumed the role of presenter for the channel’s ‘Transfer Deadline Day’ coverage, which entailed covering and reporting on each and every transfer window update. Natalie and Jim White co-hosted this segment for more than a decade. She eventually became synonymous with ‘Transfer Deadline Day,’ overseeing the event in her signature yellow dress.

In 2015, she was named the ‘MILF of the Year’ by ‘Heat,’ one of the UK’s most popular entertainment publications. Unfortunately, her 18-year partnership ended in 2018. Natalie left ‘Sky Sports News’ with a number of unanswered concerns about her departure.

Separating from Sky Sports News

Natalie left “Sky Sports” in 2018 after eighteen years of employment. However, her departure did not appear to be particularly tranquil. According to reports, Natalie was fired by the channel due to several disagreements with channel executives. Her coworkers were instructed not to mention her departure on the plane. Natalie’s departure still remains an enigma.

Apparently, Natalie was informed that her contract would not be renewed after 18 years of service. This fact alone suggests that the breakup was contentious. She has not yet responded to the issue. However, she is still referred to as an employee of Sky Sports.

A Real Football Fanatic

Natalie adores football and is an avid supporter of ‘Brentford Football Club.’ She participated in a number of promotional events for the institution. Natalie was the face of Brentford’s new bus campaign introduction. In 2012, she was featured in a club advertisement that displayed her image on a bus to promote the club’s admission prices. As part of the club’s promotional efforts, she sold match tickets on buses as well. Natalie narrated the brief ‘125 Years of Brentford,’ which chronicled the departure of the then-manager of ‘Brentford FC,’ Mark Warburton.

Sawyer’s Personal Life

Natalie Sawyer was born in Ealing, a district of West London, England, on October 23, 1979. Her father is English and her mother is Bulgarian. Natalie attended the “Chiswick Community School” in West London’s Chiswick. She was a clever pupil in her class. She developed a passion for dance and other performing arts as a child.

Natalie developed numerous interpersonal skills, including public speaking and inventive writing, while in school. She demonstrated these abilities by participating in numerous speech competitions and stage-act contests. She was a member of the school’s cheerleading squad in addition to being an avid athletics fan.

Natalie earned a degree in history and media from “Leeds Trinity University College” in Horsforth. Natalie was married to her colleague at Sky Sports, Sam Matterface. Their son’s name was Sawyer Matterface. In 2014, however, the marriage concluded in divorce. Natalie is rumored to be courting the Irish footballer Jonathan Douglas at present. She started the allegations by posting multiple photos of Jonathan and herself on her social media profiles.

Estimated Net Worth

Natalie Sawyer is one of the wealthiest and most renowned television show hosts. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Natalie Sawyer has a net worth of $5 million.