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American internet sensation Nathan Boucaud is best known for posting joke and challenge videos on his “NatesLife” YouTube channel. One of the most well-known YouTube stars, Nathan has more than a million subscribers. His video series “Chatroulette” and “Omegle,” in particular, have gained enormous popularity. Additionally, there are numerous joint videos on his channel. One of Sheem Kluaf’s music videos, titled “Samething,” featured Nathan. After being uploaded to Nathan’s channel, the video garnered more than 100,000 views. Additionally, Nathan shared a number of videos about his split from Ashley Ortega, another YouTuber. His popularity increased as a result of the massive viewership these break-up videos attracted. Ashley and Nathan both have a ton of split-up videos on their respective YouTube channels.

Individual Life of Nathan Boucaud

On March 1st, 1995, Nathan Boucaud was born in the United States. His family relocated to Trinidad and Tobago not long after his birth, where he spent most of his formative years. Later, Nathan relocated to the United Kingdom and took numerous trips for his vlogs. Nathan hasn’t talked much about his background or his education. He like wearing boots and shoes and enjoys shopping for them.

Success on YouTube

Nathan is a fantastic practical joker, and it’s clear from his YouTube videos that he likes to pull practical jokes on others, especially those who are close to him. Even when he was in school, he enjoyed pulling practical jokes on his friends and family. Because of this, Nathan’s decision to publish prank videos for a living has changed his life.

On August 29, 2014, he started the “NatesLife” YouTube channel, and his first video immediately went viral. He subsequently began using the internet chat service “Omegle,” where he shared some of his engaging talks, on his YouTube channel. On this website, Nathan converses with his admirers and plays online pranks.

When Nathan started utilizing “Omegle,” his YouTube channel began to gain more viewers. He began utilizing another online chat platform called “Chatroulette” in an effort to expand the number of his followers.

This strategy was successful, as his channel immediately attracted a million subscribers and received more than 100 million daily views on average.

Nathan also runs a second YouTube channel that he co-founded with Michaela Mendez, his girlfriend. Prank films, challenge videos, and storytime videos abound on this channel as well. Even though the channel doesn’t currently have a sizable following, it is quickly rising to the top of the most popular YouTube channels.

Relationships and Divorce

When he split up with his then-girlfriend Ashley Ortega, Nathan quickly rose to prominence as the internet’s most talked-about figure. Ashley is a YouTuber as well, and she frequently collaborates with Nathan in videos. They were together long before Ashley began uploading videos to YouTube. The majority of her videos from the beginning of her YouTube career included Nathan.

They quickly rose to the top of the list of cutest couples on the internet. Up until 2017, when they split up due to differences in their personalities, everything was going well between them. However, there were other theories regarding the cause of their abrupt breakup. By uploading various reaction videos, their fans caused a stir online.

Fans of Ashley began accusing Nathan of being an uninformed and vindictive partner. Nathan frequently displayed conceit toward Ashley, which infuriated Ashley’s supporters. They all insisted that Nathan had taken advantage of Ashley for his own gain.

When they split up, Nathan put up a few videos on his YouTube channel where he accused Ashley of being the reason why. Michaela Mendez, Nathan’s girlfriend, joined Nathan in disparaging Ashley. She shared numerous videos in which Ashley was blamed. Nathan has frequently compared Michaela Mendez to Ashley Ortega.

Nathan Boucaud’s estimated net worth

YouTube is the main source of income for Nathan. In the same way, he has a motorcycle. As of 2022, his net worth is predicted to be around $1.2 million.