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Seattle, Washington

Beyond linguistic limitations, humor is a universally appealing genre. The new crop of social media celebrities has entered the entertainment industry using humor as their weapon. These young people use their inventiveness to interest their users by using platforms that provide a wide range of configurable options for the duration and length of films. Nathan Triska, who is only 17 years old, has been active in the social media space for the past five years. His posts on many platforms typically feature hilarious practical jokes and outrageously witty comments. While some of them are unique, others adhere to fashion trends. Nathan has 134K followers on Twitter and has been active there since 2012. His first video was uploaded to YouTube in 2015, therefore he is comparatively new to the platform. But with over 220,000 followers and over 3 million views, the account has gained a lot of popularity. He has over 8 million cumulative views and 550K+ admirers on YouNow, a comparatively underutilized live webcasting site, which has become his go-to social media channel.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Since 2012, Nathan has used Twitter to engage in social media activity. When he started playing with Vine and its 6-second-long looping video style, he had his first experience with live video content. People enjoyed the several films he posted on YouTube under the username ThatWhiteKid. On the platform, he quickly attracted a sizeable following.

Later, he expanded to other websites, such as YouTube, where he posted longer films, and YouNow, where he could communicate live and in real-time with his followers. There, his fan base followed him as well, and their numbers have only grown. His most recent videos concentrate on amusing pranks, traditional roasts, song lyrics pranks, in other words, everything that is currently very entertaining.

His own style is quite distinctive and distinctly boy next door. His unkempt golden-brown hair and sparkling blue eyes quickly catch the audience’s attention. His new website,, where he broadcasts his videos, updates tour dates, and even offers custom goods for sale, was launched recently. What else can be used as a measure of success if not that? His website states that he has live fan interaction tours planned for 2017 including VidCon, Playlist Live, and Digitour Winter. Are you anticipating it?

What Is So Special About Nathan Triska?

Nathan’s unique selling point is the lack of viewer intimidation in his films. His Vine videos are basic, funny, and easy to follow. No crazy editing, and no use of expensive equipment when filming. These films appear to be something a typical youngster who is just getting started on social media may accomplish. He has addressed challenges that young people deal with from parents or teachers at school.

If someone creates content that closely resembles real-life situations, it becomes quite simple to identify with them. Whether they are brief or lengthy, his videos portray him as a young man who is hilarious but also knowledgeable and cool.

He treats his followers with the utmost respect and refers to them as his family. He responds to a variety of social media demands and bases his content creation on those. So much love will undoubtedly inspire more love to come!

Triska’s Past Fame

The social media users have so far been kind to this adolescent. There hasn’t been much criticism of his videos from the audience. His videos’ inclusion of material appropriate for audiences of all ages may be one of the causes of this. They are funny but clean, which is a great effort in the current climate where everyone is hell-bent on using disgusting stuff as the quick way to popularity.

Regarding Nathan, there are no connections that are known. Additionally, he has never taken a direct part in any controversy. Given that the majority of his peers can’t wait to stir up a commotion by engaging in online debates or by acting brashly, it is an outstanding feat.

Behind the Scenes

What is known about his personal life is limited. Since he rarely discusses certain aspects of his life in his videos, we are unsure if he has any siblings. We are aware that he loved to write when he was younger. He is a senior at Highland High School in the Arkansas community of Hardy.

Debra Faulkner, his mother, is said to be quite supportive of Nathan’s social media profession. With well-known YouTubers like Baby Ariel, Weston Koury, and Blake Gray, he has recently shared humorous videos on his channel on how to discern whether your crush likes you back and some mysterious whispering antics.

Estimated Net Worth

Nathan is among the wealthiest Instagram stars and is among the most well-known. According to our research, Nathan Triska has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.