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Nathan Zed, also known as “TheThirdPew,” is a well-known American “YouTuber” and “Viner.” He is well-known for his YouTube “Vines” and spoof videos. He is also well-known for his contributions to the YouTube Sings video segment. Nathan has worked with numerous prominent “YouTubers.” The majority of his videos focus on controversial topics such as rape, racism, anxiety, and melancholy. Nathan, himself a victim of prejudice, uses his YouTube channel to combat racism and discrimination. He has also produced videos about adolescent and young adult concerns. Nathan is also an entrepreneur and owns a line of merchandise called ‘Good Enough.’ The primary goal of this merchandise line was to promote self-love and discourage prejudice.

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Nathan Zen’s Career

Nathan began his social media career while he was still in school. Racism was an important factor in his career decision. Since Nathan is of Ethiopian descent, he has been the target of numerous discriminatory remarks in the past. The reality that few Ethiopian “YouTubers” were popular at the time also influenced his decision to pursue a career on YouTube.

Nathan launched a YouTube channel in the middle of 2011. He selected “TheThirdPew” as his online alias. Six months later, he uploaded the first video to the channel, titled “Annoying Stereotypes.” Nathan discussed human psychology and behavior in the video. Soon after, he began uploading videos with the diverse subject matter.

Nathan has previously struggled with depression and anxiety. As an Ethiopian, he has also encountered racism on multiple occasions. These issues eventually dominated the majority of his channel’s content. Through his satirical videos, Nathan speaks about such social ills. In his ‘You’re Not Good Enough’ video, he discussed his personal experiences and tribulations as an Ethiopian growing up.

This video also led to the establishment of his merchandise line, ‘Good Enough,’ which he sells on multiple purchasing websites. The merchandise line includes sweatshirts, caps, and other accessories bearing his logo. Later, Nathan began composing a musical story about the hardships and difficulties of being a victim of prejudice. This four-part musical story consisted of selected songs with accompanying visuals, all of which were edited by Nathan.

Although Nathan’s videos have a reputation for being humorous and satirical, they address serious issues. Nathan discussed rape and the negative sentiments associated with the heinous crime in one of his videos. In a separate video, Nathan addressed the widespread problem of youth falling out of college or school.

Nathan has collaborated with a number of well-known “Viners” and “YouTubers,” including PewDiePie, ‘Smosh,’ and Jenna Marbles. Once, he uploaded a reaction video to the popular ‘Vine’ star Nash Grier’s video, ‘What Guys Look For in Girls.’ The popularity of Nathan’s response video increased the number of subscribers to Nathan’s channel. In addition, he produced the video segment ‘YouTube Sings,’ in which he compiled footage of “YouTubers” proposing lyrics to songs.

In his ‘YouTube Sings’ videos, Nathan has performed songs such as ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk and ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen. The channel has more than 480,000 subscribers. However, Nathan has not been uploading videos frequently as of late. Since May 2015, he has only published a few videos.

The reason for this is detailed in his video titled ‘THE FUTURE OF YOUTUBE,’ in which he expresses his desire to end his ‘YouTube’ career in the future. Nathan remains active on his additional social media accounts. His ‘Instagram’ page has more than 200 thousand followers, while his ‘Twitter’ account has more than 558 thousand.

Nathan attended Vidcon in August 2013, where he interacted with other prominent social media personalities. He later attended additional video conventions, vlogs of which were subsequently uploaded to his channel.

Nathan’s Personal Life

Nathan Zed was born in Virginia on April 6, 1997. His father was a mechanical engineer. Nathan has Ethiopian ancestry. At ‘Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,’ also known as ‘Virginia Tech,’ he studied finance.

His father wanted Nathan to become an engineer. However, because Nathan was terrible at arithmetic, he opted for business. In addition to his intentions to enter the entertainment industry, he intended to launch his own business. Therefore, he chose to pursue business.

Nathan’s all-time favorite web series is ‘The Platoon of Power Squadron,’ which was also one of the inspirations for his ‘YouTube’ career. He has a crush on the famous actress and vocalist Zendaya. He is an ardent canine lover. Nathan’s preferred drink is a milkshake. He is an avid yachtsman.

Estimated Net Worth

Nathan is one of the wealthiest and most renowned YouTube celebrities. Based on our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Nathan Zed has a net worth of $5 million.