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An American competes in e-sports named Neal Bridges. People refer to him as “QJB” or “QJBeat.” He updates his “YouTube” account with gameplay videos for “Madden” and “NBA.” On the channel, he also shares news about gaming, game-testing videos, hip-hop music, movie trailers, and other useful information. Neal has become a major figure in the gaming community thanks to his incredible gameplay videos, upbeat personality, and expert editing abilities. Neal is a well-known gaming figure who has partnered with numerous well-known gamers in addition to competing in a number of e-sports competitions.

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Career of Neal Bridges

Neal has always had a passion for video games. As a toddler, he began to play video games. In high school, he was a basketball player as well. But eventually, his love of video games took over. Neal soon made the decision to pursue a career in gaming. His early passion in athletics developed a sense of competition in him that subsequently aided in his success in the gaming industry.

Neal began playing games as a hobby on “YouTube.” His ‘YouTube’ career became more serious over time, and he became well-known on the network. In May 2006, Neal started his own YouTube channel, QJB. But in 2011, he started uploading videos. On the channel, Neal mostly uploads “NBA” video games. He plays a variety of games on the channel, including “FORTNITE,” “MOBILE SPORTS GAMES,” “NBA LIVE 19,” “NBA 2K19,” and Madden 19.

Along with amazing gameplay videos, the channel features hip-hop music, gaming news, and video game cheats. More than a million people have subscribed to the channel. Neal has collaborated with well-known “NBA 2K” player Chris Smoove to produce gameplay videos for “Madden” and “NBA.”

‘Ride Along’ actor Kevin Hart was the subject of Neal’s game commentary. The ‘NBA 2k15’ commercial and trailer included him. He was chosen to compete in the inaugural Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) invitational competition. He also took part in the “Longest 26-hour Duracell Tournament.”

The “MyCAREER” mode in NBA 2k is Neal’s favorite. His career goal is to become an actress.

Individual Life of Neal Bridges

On April 23, 1987, Neal was born in Delaware, USA. Due to his father’s military career, he had to travel frequently while he was growing up. Neal graduated from the “North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University” with a bachelor’s degree in computer-aided drawing and design. Later on, he also obtained a master’s degree. He also spent three years working as a computer-aided design technician.

Neal and Brittany are wed. In 2016 they tied the knot. Born in 2011, he has a daughter named Alexa. Neal started uploading videos to YouTube a few months after Alexa was born. He has never disclosed any information regarding Alexa’s mother.

The net worth of Neal Bridges

The estimated net worth of Neal Bridges is about $1 million.