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Neferneferuaten Nefertiti is one of history’s most famous women. She was an Egyptian queen and the principal consort of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. Nefertiti and her husband ushered in a slew of revolutionary reforms in Egypt. Egypt became one of the world’s wealthiest kingdoms as a result of the changes she instituted during her reign. Nefertiti was also a driving force for Egypt’s religious changes. She and her husband founded the Aten Cult, which worshipped the Sun god. The goal of establishing a new religion was to bring the country together across religious divides. Nefertiti was shown as an equal to her husband in the sculptures and paintings that were eventually uncovered. Despite her popularity, Nefertiti’s demise is shrouded in mystery. Some historians believe she was murdered, while others say she perished as a result of a plague that swept Egypt following her death. Because she lacked a male successor, Nefertiti was unable to keep control of the realm. Tutankhamun destroyed the Aten Cult after she died. After Cleopatra, Nefertiti is considered one of Egypt’s most famous queens.

Childhood and Adolescence of Nefertiti

Historians don’t have a lot of information about Nefertiti’s childhood. Many people say she was born to ‘Ay,’ who later became Egypt’s pharaoh. Tey was the name of the woman Ay married. Tey’s backstory and other facts are unknown.

Some historians disagree, claiming that Tey was not Nefertiti’s mother, but rather her caregiver (possibly a wet nurse). Some of Nefertiti’s scenes painted in the tombs of Amarna’s nobles reference a Nefertiti sister known as ‘Mutbernet.’ Other than the representations in tombs, scholars have failed to discover any historical proof of Mutbernet.

Another theory supported by a few Egyptologists is that Nefertiti was the Mitanni princess Tadukhipa before marrying and changing her identity. This notion is hotly debated and has only a smattering of historical evidence to back it up.

At the age of fifteen, she married Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten and became the Great Royal Wife. The precise date of her wedding is unknown. Meritaten, Meketaten, Ankhesenpaaten, NeferneferuatenTasherit, Neferneferure, and Setepenre were the six daughters of Meritaten and Meketaten.

Rather than staying at home, Nefertiti became involved in the administration of the kingdom. She counseled her husband on topics of state administration. Indeed, some historians believe the pair ruled the kingdom together.

A variety of artifacts from the ancient period show Nefertiti and her husband to be quite close. They were seen riding chariots together and kissing in public in a variety of artworks and sculptures. The couple appeared to have a close romantic bond that was uncommon among pharaohs at the time.

Nefertiti and her husband implemented a variety of economic reforms in Egypt, making their reign the wealthiest in the country’s history. The country’s riches were used to construct a multitude of buildings and artifacts.

Her Religion Contribution

Nefertiti, along with her husband, was a key figure in Egypt’s religious reform. Egypt had a multiplicity of gods and religions during her reign as Queen of the Kingdom, which caused dissension among the population.

To replace the current religions, Nefertiti and her husband founded the Aten Cult. There was only one god, Aten, according to the Aten Cult (the Sun god). The Aten Cult was monotheistic, rejecting the existence of any god other than Aten.

During their reign, Nefertiti and her husband are thought to have served as priests at the temple of Aten. While attempting to establish the new religion, Nefertiti and her husband made every effort to maintain their dominance over the populace. They were priests in Aten’s temple, and it was assumed that common people would approach the god through them.

Nefertiti and her husband changed their names to Akhenaten and Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti in the fourth year of their reign. The names all have something to do with the sun god whom they adored. The name change was one of the most visible manifestations of the Aten Cult’s gaining power.

In honor of the Aten deity, Nefertiti and her husband created a new city called ‘Akhetaton.’ Their palace was relocated to a new location in the city. El-Amarna, as the city is now known, featured a variety of open-air temples.

Personal History and Legacy

Nefertiti was regarded as one of Egypt’s most beautiful women. Many paintings and statues depicting her beauty have survived to this day. Only Cleopatra, another beautiful Egyptian queen, can match her legacy.

Nefertiti was also considered to be one of Egypt’s most powerful queens. Her spouse made every effort to portray her as an equal. In several stone sculptures of the time, she was depicted wearing the pharaoh’s crown or valiantly fighting the foes.

Following her husband’s death, Nefertiti became involved in the administration of the kingdom. She even attempted to solidify her position by marrying one of the Hittie emperor’s sons, Suppiluliuma I, because she lacked a son.

However, she was unable to remarry because one of the Hittite emperor’s sons on his way to Egypt was assassinated.
Nefertiti mysteriously vanishes from all Egyptian ancient records twelve years after her husband’s death. She was thought to have perished as a result of a great disease that swept the Egyptian monarchy.

Some historians believe she was assassinated. Archeologists, on the other hand, have yet to find any evidence to back up this allegation.
Nefertiti’s mummies, as well as those of her children and parents, have yet to be discovered and identified. One of the two female mummies discovered by archeologist Victor Loret in 1898 was thought to be Nefertiti’s. There has been no consensus among archeologists as to whether the mummy is truly that of Nefertiti.

Tutankhamun, Nerfertiti’s third daughter, married Tutankhamun, who ultimately became Egypt’s pharaoh.
Tutankhamun revived Egypt’s traditional religions after Nefertiti’s death. The Aten Cult was completely eradicated from the kingdom.

Estimated net worth of  Nefertiti

Nefertiti, an Ancient Egyptian Queen, was born in Egypt in 1370. Neferneferuaten Nefertiti is regarded as one of history’s most famous women. Net worth of Nefertiti is $10 million.


The famed sculptor ‘Thutmose’ carved a bust of Nefertiti that gives a thorough depiction of Nefertiti’s looks. The bust is now housed in the Berlin Museum and is widely regarded as one of the most photographed and reproduced ancient Egyptian portraits.