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Nelson Aguilar is a well-known US vlogger on YouTube and a star on the app “” (formerly called “TikTok”). He has amassed a respectable fan base because of his hilarious comedy videos on TikTok. Nelson has a self-titled channel as well as the joint “R.N Productions” account on YouTube. Nelson is well-known for his challenge and slime-making tutorial videos. He has already made his directorial debut as a budding filmmaker. Nelson has had a brief appearance in a comedy movie and is also an actress.

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Fame on social media

Nelson had never considered becoming a YouTuber or posting videos on TikTok. As a shy youngster, he did not have many friends. Ryan, one of his classmates, irrevocably altered Nelson’s life. Nelson was initially not a big fan of Ryan. Ryan had many friends, however, Nelson was a quiet child who preferred to keep to himself. Nelson and Ryan met while watching a soccer game.

They fought inanely while the game was going on. However, they later resolved their differences and rekindled their friendship. They lost contact a few months later. After almost a year, they finally got together, and Ryan suggested Nelson start vlogging. Nelson decided to follow him because he liked the notion. They established the “R.N Productions” YouTube channel together.

On the channel, the duo primarily shared comedic videos, challenges, and prank videos. Nelson entered “TikTok” at that time, where his incredible comic timing enthralled a sizable following. He garnered a lot of praise for his rendition of Shawn Mendes’ song “Life of the Party,” which he delivered as a cover. Nelson has achieved a significant level of celebrity status on this video-making platform.

Nelson later established a second “YouTube” account to publish his unique vlogs. He frequently publishes tutorials for making slime, challenge films, and “question-answer” videos. Some of his films have featured his siblings, including the “Bean Boozled Challenge” video and a slime-making instruction with his sister.

Making videos for “YouTube” fueled Nelson’s enthusiasm for filmmaking. He started striving to improve his abilities, and in 2016 he completed his debut short film, “The Awakening!” His sibling played a significant part in the movie. Additional shorts Nelson has directed include “Rain Rain Go Away” and “Roar.” Nelson has also produced and directed a few trailers in addition to short films. Additionally, he created a promotional film for his company, “Nelson Aguilar Films.”

Nelson performed in the 2004 comedy film “Kwoon” as an actor. He portrayed a builder in the movie. Nelson wants to make a feature-length commercial movie in the future. His long-term ambition is to become a renowned Hollywood director.

Nelson is a frequent contributor to “Instagram,” where he shares funny videos and unrelated clicks. Additionally, he communicates with his followers on “Twitter” and “Snapchat.”

Nelson’s Individual Life

On November 14, 2002, Nelson Aguilar was born in the US. He has a younger sister and brother. He graduated in 2017 from “Cherokee High School,” which is situated in New Jersey.

Nelson’s preferred “muser” is the celebrated “TikTok” star Baby Ariel. Loren Gray Beech, a popular “TikTok” user, is his crush. Nelson is seeing a woman right now, but he hasn’t said who she is. He has, however, shared a couple of pictures of himself with her on his Instagram account.

Nelson owns a pooch. Through an “Instagram” video, he revealed his new pet to his fans. He despises persons who act arrogantly without cause. Braggarts and pejorative characters are intolerable to him. He respects individuals who value open communication.

Estimated Net Worth

It is unknown what his current net worth is after taxes and earnings. By November 2022, Nelson Aguilar’s net worth is anticipated to be $1 million.