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An offensive midfielder and winger for Paris Saint-Germain as well as the Argentine national team, Angel Di Mara is a professional football player from Argentina. ngel was born and reared in Rosario, Argentina, and came from a low-income household. He had a strong interest in football as a child, but his parents were unable to buy him football equipment or even a football. He began playing football at the age of 4 with Rosario Central, and in 2007 he won a sizable signing bonus to join the European club Benfica. He went out and purchased his folks a house right away. He became a member of the well-known football team Real Madrid in 2010, and he significantly contributed to the team’s success in the 2011–2012 “La Liga.” The “UEFA Champions League” was won by his team thanks to him. He relocated to “Manchester United” in 2014. He stayed with them for a year before deciding to join “Paris Saint-Germain” in 2015. At the 2008 ‘Olympics,’ he scored the winning goal to give his country a gold medal.

Early Childhood & Life

Miguel and Diana Mara’s son, Angel Fabián Di Mara, was born in Rosario, Argentina, on February 14, 1988. He had two sisters growing up. His family lived in abject poverty. Angel did not even have access to the necessities of existence throughout the first few years of his life.

He was active in sports when he was little. Doctors informed his parents that he might develop into a great football player due to his exceptionally high level of stamina. His parents enrolled him in a neighborhood football team when he was 4 years old as a result.

His family couldn’t afford to buy him a football to train with at home because of their tight budget. In a previous interview, ngel claimed that if he had received shoes and a football, his sisters would have been left without.
In order to make ends meet, his father had a job at a nearby coal yard. He had a pitiful salary. Ngel began doing his father’s job as well. His sisters soon followed. After spending the entire day at the football academy, ngel would head straight to his place of employment. He put in a lot of effort to acquire some more cash.

Career of Ángel Di María

In 1995, Angel joined the ‘Rosario Central’ youth wing and developed his skills there. Against “Quilmes,” he scored his first career goal in the 2006 edition of the “Apertura” competition. He participated in the “FIFA World Cup” as a member of the national under-20 team. He did remarkably well there and received a $6.5 million contract from “Boca Juniors.”

‘Arsenal,’ a ‘English Premier League’ team, also contacted him, but their talks fell through. Players from outside the “European Union” (EU) were not eligible for work permits due to the tight EU regulations.
He joined ‘Benfica,’ a local Portuguese team, formally in July 2007 and began competing as a winger. He did well with the group, and the managers quickly thought about giving him a new contract. He was kept on for an additional three years in 2009. In October of that same year, Diego Maradona, one of the all-time great football players, hailed his abilities and referred to him as “Argentina’s next superstar.”

Against “Leixes” in February 2010, Ngel recorded the first hat-trick of his career. The Portuguese media then hailed him as the upcoming superman. He was covered by numerous newspapers and news outlets.
One of the top football teams in the world, “Real Madrid,” officially announced in June 2010 that they were in transfer negotiations with “Benfica” for Angel. He made his league debut for ‘Real Madrid’ on August 29, 2010, in a game that finished in a tie.

He scored his first league goal against “Real Sociedad” the following month. The ‘UEFA Champions League’ quarterfinals were reached by his squad for the first time in seven years thanks in large part to his outstanding performance.

He significantly contributed to Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey win in April. An outstanding performance for an offensive midfielder, ngel had played in 53 games by the end of his debut season with ‘Real Madrid,’ and he had scored 9 goals.

During the early part of the 2011–2012 season, ngel struggled and made some serious errors. He received a lot of backlash for a horrific foul he committed during a game against “Levante.” The two squads on the field began to argue as a result.

His performance did, however, quickly improve. He was a significant contributor to his team’s triumph in the league. It was “Real Madrid’s” 32nd victory in league play.

Even though ngel’s 2012–2013 season was uneven, he did contribute throughout key pivotal times. He is well-known for helping his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo score a goal against “Manchester United” on February 13. Throughout the season, he kept up his performance and helped his colleagues out in a number of pivotal situations. He made 46 appearances throughout the season, and he scored 8 goals.

The ‘Real Madrid’ executives opted to extend his contract, keeping him on staff till 2018. He primarily played as the attacker on the front in 2014. He gave his club the lead in the Copa del Rey championship game versus Barcelona. He helped his team defeat “Atlético Madrid” in the UEFA Champions League finals. At the conclusion of the game, UEFA named him “Man of the Match.” Alex Ferguson, a great football player, gave him the honor.
In 2014, his group won the “UEFA Super Cup.” 2014 is generally regarded as the best year of his professional career because both he and his squad had a fantastic run.

He committed to ‘Manchester United’ in 2014, forking over a staggering £59.7 million transfer price. One of the club’s largest ever transfer transactions took place during that time. He appeared in 34 games, but only managed to score 4 goals. This contract was rated by football experts as one of the worst in the sport’s history.
Since ‘Manchester United’ was finding it difficult to retain ‘Ngel’, he was transferred to ‘Paris Saint-Germain’ in 2015. His play improved, and he helped his team win the Copa de la Ligue championship. With 18 assists, he also broke the ‘Ligue 1’ record for most assists in a season. The next year, his squad also captured the “Copa de la Ligue.” He was essential to his team’s ‘Coupe de France’ victory in the 2017–2018 campaign.
In addition, he participated in a number of international competitions and the “FIFA World Cups” in 2010, 2014, and 2018.

Individual Life of Ángel Di María

Due to his Italian ancestry, Angel Di Maria is in possession of both an Italian and an Argentine passport.
He married Jorgelina, also from Argentina, in 2011. Pia is their daughter’s name.
It is thought that Angel is a family man. He forced his father to resign from his job using his first payment. He soon purchased a home for his family.

Net Worth of Ángel Di María

The estimated net worth of Ángel Di María is around $1 million.