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Rapper Nia Kay, also known as “Duchess Nia Kay,” took part in season two of the reality competition “The Rap Game.” Due to her lyrical and freestyle skills, she attracted a lot of attention. At the age of ten, she uploaded her first solo to YouTube. She quickly became the center of attention and shared a compilation of her freestyle video on Facebook, gaining nearly two million views. Many rappers and reality television personalities have shared her videos and praised this young achiever. “Never give up because dreams do come true, you just have to have patience and strive for it,” is her advice to teenagers. She claims that she has never stopped dreaming and that some of her dreams have come true. Any age group may get into her rap and lyrics because of her confidence. On Twitter, she now has 13K followers, and she has 341K fans on Instagram, a number that is continuously increasing. She has 42K subscribers watching her channel on YouTube.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

She is a star by birth! This young lady began playing music at the age of four since musicians run in her family. She used to perform at family get-togethers and in the church choir before she became well-known. She posted her first YouTube video, titled “In My Zone,” when she was ten years old. She joined forces with her cousin Trueblu to form the rap group “Diary4Two,” with the help of friends and other viewers. She earned notoriety as a result of the videos, particularly her compilation titled “NiaKay Freestyles.” She participated in the second season of the reality series “The Rap Game,” which debuted on July 22, 2016, and wowed the judges as well as amassed a sizable fan base. The young woman’s talent caused Twitter to go crazy. Her most recent hits are “Walked In – Remix” and her Viva debut, “Extra- ft. Pink Bandz,” and she currently performs as a solo artist.

Why Nia Kay Is So Special?

Nia Kay is the only one who can truly answer the question, “I think outside the box. Since my music is distinctive, I want to modify and strengthen the music industry rather than adding to it. Her smile will capture your heart before her talent does since she is a young woman with desire and zeal for life. She is sincere and truthful, humble, and she defers to her family for all decisions. She thinks that her drive and perseverance are what propelled her up the ladder. She dreams big and aspires to the stars. She recognizes and fulfills her responsibilities as a student and a daughter at the same time.

Past Fame of Nia Kay

Nia is more than just the young rapper that the rest of the world perceives her to be. Additionally, she is a stellar student who has never received a grade below an A. She enrolled in lessons for playing the saxophone, violin, and piano since she had a strong desire to master music. She has also studied dance. She considers Nicki Minaj to be her role model and credits her hometown for her accomplishment. She is incredibly persistent because she is from Chicago, where nothing is ever simple. She responded spontaneously in an interview when asked what she saw herself doing in the future, saying that she wanted to go on world tours to promote her music.

Behind the Scenes

She was born into a middle-class household in Chicago, Illinois. She developed a love of music early on and performed in her mother’s salon. She recently earned a “honors” in the eighth grade, but she was unable to attend her graduation since she was working on the sets of “The Rap Game.” She wants to attend traditional high school. She has made her family proud by living up to their expectations because her family strongly thinks that education should come before everything else. She strives to motivate teenagers her age and is full of optimism. She is single and not searching for a relationship right now; her whole concentration is on her music.

Estimated Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Nia Kay is $ 1 million.


Under the supervision of “Two Chains,” her father and uncle are both rappers.